The 2011 Mundials are upon us this weekend and while I just got to the US, I will be working in a city not too far but not close enough to catch the action in person. Nevertheless, Budovideos.com is offering a free live-stream of Saturday's matches before the finals on Sunday. If you haven't already checked things out, make sure to visit their site. 

And for those interested in checking out the official brackets, check out this link: http://www.ibjjf.org/cgi-bin/montachaves.asp 


Anonymous said...

go philippines!!!

show them what we're all about

LUKE said...

Raph Go takes silver in his weight division as brown-belt but subs all three of his matches leading up to the finals. Congrats Ralph Go and VPF/Atos JJ!

Anonymous said...

ralph go had won 4 matches before reaching the finals against jordon schultz, submitting 3 of them

go ralph go!!!