Thiago 'Monstro' Borges will be heading a BJJ/MMA training camp (June 8-19) at Checkmat Malaysia/Escobar BJJ. Plus, a 2-day BJJ gi/no-gi seminar on the 10 & 11 of June @ Borneo BJJ academy. The 3-week BJJ/MMA training camp will be begin June 20 to July 10. Check out the links for more info:

For more info, please contact: www.escobarbjj.com or escobarbjj@gmail.com


Thiago "Monstro" Borges currently teaches and train in Checkmat UK and is an active MMA/BJJ fighter with many titles in grappling disciplines as you can see below.
no gi british open champion 2011-ultraheavyweight,and open class
european champion cbjje 2010 absolute division
second place at adcc trials 2004 in campos,rj brazil
scandinavian open 2009 heavyweight division champion
2x open class champion at cope euskady bilbao,spain
fighter of the night at 10k ground clash,uk
uwc mma champion
open class champion copa catalunya,barcelona,bilbao
4Xrio de janeiro states champiom
3x saopaulo states champion
luta livre brazilian national champion
uk nationals no gi champion
BJJ Pro Cup Champion 2011

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