It's now Wednesday, mid-week, and I'm thinking about all the things that need to get done but also looking forward to what's ahead. I want to be mindful of the present, respect the past but continue to move forward. It can be a lot to think about and more commonly I find myself just coasting through from one task to another. And while I'm walking a thin line before going over the top with zen-like-cheesiness, do your best to keep things fun.
This weekend I'm taking the family to Pattaya for the RISING STAR MMA event. Granted, the little one will not be exposed to MMA this weekend but a whole crew of us will be making our way there for the fights. In addition to, the following morning (hangover or not) I'll be making my first visit to Sriracha Seafood Jiu-Jitsu training. Our buddy Tomi-san is very adamant in explaining it is not an academy. It is a group of people that want to train, eat-good-food and party. I can't argue against that, hahaha!

So following this weekend expect a report with plenty of pics. 

Also, this March 27th in Hong Kong. The first of several fundraisers throughout Southeast Asia is the charity sparring session at HKJJ academy. Full info below:

Dear all.

The Hong Kong Brazilian Jiujitsu Community would like to show our deepest sympathy to the lives lost in the recent Earthquake in Japan.

We (Hong Kong Jiujitsu & Kowloon Jiujitsu) will co-host a Charity  Sparring Session on March 27th. Participants from any academy are welcome to attend, and  the donations collected during the session will be given to the Red Cross Japan.

Date: 2011 March 27th
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: HKJJ Academy (Splendid Centre 8F-A, 100 Larch Street, Kowloon, HongKong)

We pray for the lost lives in Japan and appreciated your participation and donations.

HKJJ & Kowloon BJJ Co-hoster:
Keisuke Kita
Brad KU
Keisuke Takizawa
Makoto Aramaki


Anonymous said...

Sriracha training will be BEFORE the MMA fight on 26th.


LUKE said...

Gyah!!! No!!!! Yeah, that totally makes sense cause who's going to train Sunday post after-party, hahaha.

Have you confirmed the location and time yet?

LUKE said...

from Sriracha-JJ:

Info : ssjj training will start from 3 pm on Sat.
Meeting place will be informed soon. (sorry for late notice. Kaise is going to see the place tonight.)
It is NEAR Fairtex Pattaya (NOT Fairtex). We think let's meet up in front of Fairtex, but pls don't enter.