Following the success of our team in Manila and the opening of our 2nd affiliate in Budo Academy, Penang, comes more good news. Marcos Escobar BJJ Team held a grading ceremony on Thursday 3 March 2011, in which 4 new blue belts and 1 purple belt were promoted. The 4 blue belts were Chan Su Ling, Magdalene Tan (only the 2nd and 3rd known female Blue belts in Malaysia), Michael Lim and Karim Kamal.

Ian Lee, gold medalist in his weight class in Bangkok, and Silver medalist in the Nogi Intermediate division in the recent Philippines International Open was deservedly promoted to purple belt, a first at Escobar’s gym. All in all, it was a great night for the MEBJJ team and another step in the advancement of BJJ in Malaysia.

Moving forward, the team will be hosting a well respected black belt. Thiago Monstro
(http://www.bjjheroes.com/bjj-fighters/thiago-monstro-borges-facts-and-bio) for a month in the middle of the year, and also conducting a seminar with a world famous BJJ legend. Look for more details to come soon!

Also, check out Prof. Marcos Escobar's appearance and live demo on one of the most watched and highly rated Malaysian morning show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnIP9HsJlzI

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