It's been a while since I've posted any article-type material on the blog but that's not to say I haven't been dealing with a lot of my own issues in my BJJ journey. These days with a lot of responsibilities on my plate, it's easy to draw parallels between my life off and on the mat. On one hand I wear many hats as an individual, a husband, a father and business man. On the other, I'm just able to tread water when it comes to jiu-jitsu (and sometimes I feel as though I'm barely keeping myself afloat). With the limited time I have to train and with so much to learn and absorb, I have to make some decisions on what to focus on. 

Perhaps this is a very natural place to be as a purple-belt. I've read it's at this stage that I begin to tie together the techniques I've amassed that will eventually constitute 'my game'. Building a web of techniques into sequences to allow a fluidity from one transition to the next. I may not be accumulating as much new material as I did in the past but there seems to be even more questions to answer as I am challenged by higher belts and up'n'comers at the academy. I've been fortunate enough to teach what I know to students at Bangkok BJJ and they are now using this against me. Which is great even if it may not feel that way when I'm being pinned in side control. It's gratifying to know that I've helped others get better and in turn they push me to improve on what I've taught.

I think it would be quite easy for me to coast right now and simply enjoy training for the sake of training. Rolling cause it's fun but without much purpose other than to keep sharp. I certainly have not mastered anything but with limited time, how do I make the best of it?

So while on my routine reads I came across this interview with BJJ black-belt, Brandon Ruiz, on the FIGHTWORKS PODCAST. The topic of the interview is about goal setting and the positive effect is has had on the interviewee. I find myself having to cycle through this process every so often when I feel things are getting a bit stale or I've been away from training too long. I remind myself why I enjoy BJJ and what are realistic expectations of myself considering my daily responsibilities. In the end, the most important thing is knowing what I want. Maybe right now I'm not sure what I want but that hasn't stopped me from working. I would love more time but that's not something I can control. In the most broadest terms I just want to get better and that may have to do. 


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