#Organizer: International Jiu-jitsu Federation of HK & Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu
#Date: April 24th (Sun), 2011
#Location: Kowloon Park Sports Centre
Address: Austin Road 22, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Kowloon Park)
Kowloon Park Sprts Centre
#Access: 5 minute walk from MTR Tsim-sha-tsui station A1 Exit or MTR Jordan Station C2 exit.
#Weight-in Time : 9:00 - 9:45 AM.
#Competition: 10:00 - 16:00
#Tournament rackets will be posted on UJA official site (http://www.hkjj.com.hk/)
The tournament will be held under IBJJF’s official rules and guide lines regarding each weight and belt categories.

#Enrollment deadlines and Registration fees
Enrollment Deadlines Registration Fee
1st Enrollment deadline - April 3rd, 2011 250 HKD
2nd Enrollment deadline - April 10th, 2011 350 HKD
Last Enrollment deadline - April 14th, 2011 450 HKD
*Black Belt competitors entry fees are waived.
*Please note
1: Once the number of registrations exceeds our capacity, we may close the registration earlier.
2: Please note - the payment on the competition day will not be accepted.
3: If the registration fee is not paid by the last enrollment deadline, it may cause a cancellation of your registration.

Weight-in will be done in the morning instead of the moment before your match. Please weight-in NO LATER THAN 9:45 am.

#Hygiene Issue
All competitors will be checked for communicable disease, not limited but including ring-worm, staph and herpes. Also, all the competitors must follow IBJJF’s hygiene rules.

We recommend all the participants to join sports insurance which will cover the treatments for the injuries occurred during the competition. First aid will be provided to the participants but participants need to pay for further treatment by themselves.

#Enrollment methods for HK residents
1: On-line enrollment + Payment by Paypal
Please enroll and make Paypal payment from our UJA registration page.
*Paypal payment request will be sent to you by e-mail after your registration.

2: On-line enrollment + Payment through bank account
Please enroll from our UJA registration page and make a payment through wire-transfer to the our account.
*The bank account no. will be sent to you by e-mail after your registration.

3: Direct payment
-Please download, fill out and printout the enrollment form on UJA’s official site.
-Please take the form and the registration fee to HKJJ

All the competitors must make payments in advance.
The payment on the competition day WILL NOT be accepted.

#Enrollment methods for non HK Residents
On-line enrollment + Payment by Paypal only.
Please enroll and make Paypal payment from our UJA registration page.
*Paypal payment request will be sent to you by e-mail after your registration.

# Viewers and Spectators
All the matches can be watched free of charge. We expect you to be respectful to all the competitors and will not allow any anti-sportsmanship behavior.

# Regarding the Scoring System

1: All the competitions will follow IBJJF official rule.
2: We will only refund the registration fee only when there is only one competitor in the category.
3: If a competitor comes to the situation that he/she can't attend the competitions due to the injuries or etc, please contact HKJJ ASAP.
If the competitor is absent from the competition without giving any notice in advance, he/she will be restricted to the next tournament organized by HKJJ
4: If you are the only one in your weight class, we'll contact you in advance. If we can't reach you, we may change your categories without notice.
5: HKJJ reserves the right to close the applications once they exceed the capacity.
6: HKJJ is entitled to all the copyrights regarding sound, photo and video images.

# Tournament DATE
1: Please check the tournament brackets which will be posted on HKJJ web-site 3 days before the competition, or at the competition venue.
2: Please check the order of your match and be ready at the mat AT LEAST 2 matches before the match.
3: If the competitor does not show up on the mat at his/her match, the competitor will be disqualified.
4: Even if some matches are cancelled, the order of the matches will still be followed.

# Weight Categories (with Kimono)

Weight Categories Men (with Kimono) Women (with Kimono)
Galo -57.5kg -48.5kg
Pluma -64kg -53.5kg
Pena -70kg -58.5kg
Leve -76kg -64kg
Medio -82kg -69kg
Meio-Pesado -88.3kg -74kg
Pesado -94.3kg -79.3kg
Super-Pesado -100.5kg -84.3kg
Pesadissimo +100.6kg +84.4kg
Absolute Open Open

#Duration of the matches
Belt Categories Men        Women
         White      5 minutes 5 minutes
         Blue        6 minutes 6 minutes
         Purple     7 minutes 7 minutes
         Brown     8 minutes 7 minutes
         Black     10 minutes 7 minutes

# Age categories
Only adult categories will be set for this competition.

About UJA Contact:
In Japanese: Makoto Aramaki (Hong Kong Jiu-jitsu) info@hkjj.com.hk
In English or Cantonese: Brad Ku(Hong Kong Jiu-jitsu) brad@hkjj.com.hk


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