I would have preferred to have posted this sooner but I've been away from my office and computer for the past several days. So here we are.

1st Place - 135 points  Atos - VPF
2nd Place - 65 points   Team Fabricio
3rd Place - 19 points   Deftac

1st Place - 127 Points  Team Fabricio
2nd Place - 59 points   Check mat
3rd Place - 34 Points Universal Alliance Guam

1st Place - 192 points Team Fabricio
2nd Place - 151 points Atos - VPF
3rd Place - 67 Points  Check mat


Anonymous said...

wow. this is the first time the organizers released a combined "team over-all champion" incorporating the gi and no-gi day. i guess kamphuis just has to come out as no. 1 again.

congrats to all competitors and to team evolve. represent!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to team Atos JJ!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone who represented Atos-VPF. Domination in the gi!

Anonymous said...

yeah atos-vpf really dominated the gi event, other teams had a hard time with their players. congrats all!

LUKE said...

Stephen Kamphuis and crew do an amazing job on all their events and have been a major inspiration for others. The BJJAT has most definitely benefited from Kamphuis' experience and we hope that more people will take the initiative to do the same in producing more local tournaments!

LUKE said...

Congrats to Atos JJ (VPF), you guys/gals are tearing it up wherever I see ya. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of his contributions, Stephen Kamphuis has proven time and time again that he is a crooked, abusive, power-hungry bully.

Anonymous said...

guys, lets keep this positive. bjj in the PI and in sea has been improving. thats whats important. props to comp organizers and to the competitors
-- ali

Anonymous said...

peace and love

Anonymous said...

phenomenal performance, Atos-VPF!!

Can't wait til the team bets on more participants for upcoming "no-gi" comps.

Congrats, Ali Ralph and Carlo..

Anonymous said...

the reffing at this event could have been better. some of the referees appeared as if they were picked from the crowd and have never even trained a day in their life

purple belt should ideally be the minimum for a ref, but in our community blue belt will do fine. unfortunately, some refs at the event would be lucky to be a white belt - not fair for those who trained, payed and sacrificed to compete.

up the standard for reffing with qualified and IMPARTIAL refs. congrats to all those who competed

Anonymous said...

By far, Philippines is number 1 in South East Asia ...

LUKE said...

In regards to reffing.

I agree that reffing is a key component to the success of any tournament, especially within a community that is as young as ours.

With that said, we don't have a huge count of purple-belt and higher to rely on to do this. And even with what we have, few volunteer to refs and even fewer take the time to train and get certified.

Why is that?

To be a good ref it takes considerable knowledge of the rules and considerable hands-on experience to be able to make the tough and sometimes unpopular calls. It's a thankless job and mor often than not, the ref is made the villain of the event in some cases.

Now we all make mistakes. I know I've made my share as a ref and thankfully I was able to correct them without any harm to either competitor.

With the BJJ community in PH being so large, do we have at least one certified person to ref from each major club? Isn't there at least one purple-belt at each academy/club that could take part?

I would petition for there to be some serious participation from all the teams competing to help make this a reality, even things up a bit and give the opportunity for higher belts have part in making each event the best it can be.

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

Overall...we came to compete and let's not forget to have fun too. I do admit...there were plenty of times i was dismayed by the referee's decision, i've even felt screwed...cost me a Gold medal (in my opinion anyway).

Having said that, we are all humans and even referees of the HIGHEST STANDARDS make HORRIBLE mistakes (BJJ & MMA). When all things are done, what can we do?? Learn from it and keep trying to ensure it's not repeated. At the same time, you must give credit to your opponent for successfully doing what he/she did to win that match...period. That's how we ALL grow...am i correct on this??

And all i can say from expereince is that Khampuis and his crew have been very hospitable and very kind in assisting my team and I. And we congratulate ALL teams that participated and made the comp a resounding success!!


Foreign Competitor

Anonymous said...

I think you missed out on the list of winners for kids-35kg and -30kg, anyway, Congratulations for a successful event!