It's been a nutty week back so far. Getting back to work, catching up on the e-mails and inquiries then bang! While I don't want to focus on the postponement of Deep 'Mayhem in Macao', it's been a relatively big issue for myself and the other coordinators of this weekend in Macao. Despite the disappointment and frustration, we're doing our best to keep things going with what is still confirmed, Copa De Macao and the 8xMan Pro No-Gi tournament. 

This past year (2010) has given me a lot to reflect on as a co-coordinator and reporter to a number of key events this year. Everyting from the Thailand Open, Legends FC, ADCC Pro JJ Trials... all are the result of a tremendous amount of time, energy and finance put forth by a handful of dedicated people. It's an investment put forward with unclear rewards.

And so while I too am disappointed with the recent news, I've made a commitment to support my friends and my community. I will be in Macao as scheduled ready to compete, take photos and simply enjoy being there.

I'm looking forward to another great weekend of competition. 


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