Year 2011 started off with a big “BANG” for Gracie Barra Hong Kong.  With the best results ever accomplished by our team in Copa-de-Macau, our spirits are on high.  Last night “gradation day”, 4 new blue belts were promoted by Professor Daniel Charles.  Congratulation to Harrison, Garry, Alvin and Hoddle.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you some very special people to GBHK.  As I am an Engineer and in my professional terms, I would like to say thank you to Professor Macro Joca for lying down the foundation of GBHK; Professor Chet Quint for reinforcing the foundation thereafter; Professor Daniel Charles for building the main structure; Professor Silvio Braga / Professor Rodrigo Caporal / Professor Paulo Guillobel who have been so kind to contribute a final flare to the building.  Lastly, my special thanks to my mentor Erick Bruthsumbat and Roger Chow.

Happy New Year of the Rabbit to you ALL.

From Henry Chan (GBHK)

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