After three years I think it's time we revise the community t-shirt to include some of the teams that did not make it to the first one. Having gone through the experience of collecting logos from all the teams out there last time (like herding cats), this time around I will set some ground rules. 

1. If your team's logo is included in the first shirt and are still active, your logo will automatically be included on the new shirt. If you would like to update your logo, I can do so but will post a cut-off date to any changes in the near future.

2. If your team is not on the SEABJJ community t-shirt (original one) and would like to have your team logo included on the shirt, you must qualify through the following:

A. Must already be listed on BJJ-ASIA
B. Must have active history no less than 1-year with active student-roster
C. Must have specific BJJ/submission-grappling program in the curriculum
D. If you are an affiliate of another/larger school in SEA that is already has their logo on the t-shirt, one logo will represent the group. The exception that I will make if there is the same team but in different countries like: Gracie Barra Taiwan and Gracie Barra Hong Kong
E. All logos must be sent to me by e-mail, Adobe Illustrator (vector file). Last time I had to re-draw a third the entries sent to me and I ain't doing that again.
F. Countries that fall under the SEABJJ banner are: (Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Macao, India)

Now considering how much the scene has grown we may run into a problems with shortage of realestate on the t-shirt. I will deal with it when that time comes. Another issue I'd like to bring up is if there is any chance or hint that your team will disband, do not submit your logo. Last time around I received a logo and just as the shirts were being printed I received notice the team no longer existing and the founding members no longer train with each other. That is straight up BS. That is why there has be at least a 1-year active history and an established student body. 

Ultimately, I reserve the right to include and exclude any and all teams as I see fit. There is no charge to have your team logo included on the SEABJJ community t-shirt and is purely on volunteer basis. I am not responsible for any royalties to you or your affiliate. If this is a problem, its best that your logo is not included. SEABJJ and BJJ-ASIA are politically neutral entities with the sole purpose to support and promote the SEABJJ community. I am here to promote positivity.

As I start collecting new material, I will post a list of those teams who will be on the t-shirt and announce a cut-off date for printing. Please send all logos to luke@bjj-asia.com



LUKE said...

This is the working list that I have so far. The team names listed below are already qualified and will be on the t-shirt:

* Alavanca Jiu-Jitsu (need logo)
* Macau BJJ
* Shanghai BJJ

* Gracie Barra HK
* Grips BJJ (need logo)
* Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu (need logo)
* Kowloon BJJ
* Kylin BJJ
* Versus Performance (need logo)

* Tigers Gym (MMA)

* Synergy Jiu-Jitsu

* BJJ Borneo
note: (may be under Escobar BJJ)

* KDT Academy
* Marcos Escobar BJJ
* Studio 23 (need logo)

* BJJ Davao (need logo)
note: (may be under BJJPH)

* BJJ Philippines
* DEFTAC Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu / Cebu (need logo)
* Gracie Barra Philippines
* Newbreed Jiu-Jitsu
* Team VPF (need logo)

* BJJ Singapore
* Evolve MMA (need logo)
* Fight G
* Fightworks Asia (need logo)
* Kreation Jiu-Jitsu

* Gracie Barra Taiwan
* Taiwan BJJ

* 3 Monkeeez (need logo)
* Bangkok BJJ
* Bangkok Fight Club
* Executive Martial Arts Center
* Fairtex Bangplee (need logo)
* Legacy Gym (need logo)
* Pattaya Kombat Club (need logo)
* Tiger Muay Thai

* Saigon Jiu-Jitsu (need logo)

The following teams are pending confirmation:

* Beijing Jiu-Jitsu Academy
* Kontact
* Universal Grappling
* Petaling Jaya BJJ
* Carlson Gracie Team Philippines
* Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Philippines
* S.P.R.A.W.L. MMA
* Impact MMA
* Evolution Combat

If you do not find your team name on this list and believe it should be or believe your team's name is on the wrong side of the list, please contact me at luke@bjj-asia.com

LUKE said...

OMG, 39 teams so far compared to 26 on the original shirt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gracie Barra Philippines is no longer under GB Network. It's with Ribeiro Jiu jitsu / Gracie HUmaita

LUKE said...

Thanks for the headsup.

OMG indeed! 39 is just the count of academies that have qualified to be on the shirt.

Please note that if your team is not on this list I am in no way making any judgement against said team. I just want whatever team that is printed to represent the community as it has been these past several years. And in the past, new schools did not always show significant stability and we've seen several disband over the years.

If you feel you're team has been mis-placed in this line-up. Please contact me at luke@bjj-asia.com

I am also still waiting on logo submissions for those that I do not have yet.


shahrail said...

Will this be for sale? if yes how do we get it?

LUKE said...

I am working to make this available on line or through your academy when the shirt is complete.


eric said...

I live in the US and would like to purchase this shirt when it goes to print. Will it be available to those outside Asia?

LUKE said...

Yes, I am working on having limited stock in the US to ship within. This will include the t-shirt and other items produced by myself. Thanks!