I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. 

Was MIA soon after returning from Shanghai with so many friends and family coming to town for my sister's wedding. I had a wonderful time, ate amazing food and got some much needed time away from the computer. Even so, I've been chipping away at the videos and photos I took from my China trip. Will be wrapping those up before this coming weekend as I prepare for Copa De Macao (Jan 8) at the Venetian Resort Macao. Inspired by the referee seminar in Shanghai, I will be reffing at the upcoming tournament in Macao in addition to competing and taking photos. This is the first collaborative event with BJJ-ASIA outside of the Thailand Open. An exciting thing for me as I hope to help support and promote more events this year in cooperation with other areas of the community. 

My apologies if I haven't replied your e-mails this past week but am catching up as best I can now. A lot of new things in store for this year for SEABJJ Team.


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