Hope everyone is doing well. Today is the halfway mark to my trip and then I get to see my boy and be amazed at how much he's grown. A funny thing about this blog is that I am conscious that I am writing to a community of readers but in reality I know so few of you when seeing how many click in on a daily basis. So every now and then things come to bite me in the ass when I turn this community journal into a personal diary. No one has made this more clear than my buddy Vaughn Anderson, hahaha. But I love the guy for it. If you're not familiar with the 'blud', be sure to check out his site: WWW.MRBLUD.COM.

Anyways, for good or bad I share my experience in a continued effort connect to all the people out there cause its through BJJ that I've found so much positivity. And to my buddies that keep'n me in check, thank you, hahaha. -Luke

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