(l t r) Kai Hung, Makoto Ogasawara, Isaac Chang
photo by: Justin Lee
The new promoted black-belt, Makoto Ogasawara from Taiwan BJJ, has been on a competition tear. From his debut at the Asia Open, Thailand Open and Rickson Cup, Oga has been there and giving everyone a run for their money. Having taken the gold at the Asia Open CBJJE and the Tokyo International.
Also from the TWNBJJ team is Isaac Chang and Kai Hung. Both blue-belts taking silver in their division at the Asia Open CBJJE.

Contrats guys and hope to see you all in Shanghai and Macao!
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One of the final match adult black players Revi Takaya Satoshi (Kichijoji Paraesutora) and Ogasawara Makoto player (Taiwan BJJ) is one of the game.
Players Tani Takashi has been written as a columnist in this blog (recently feeling Savory little!), That column is "Do not feel like reading from Nothing but the character!" People skip and "interesting content" great responses ranging people who Secret has become a popular series, despite more than two years the series has already.
★ Tani Takashi column is here!
It seems that this year there was a lot of things as a man in the midst of Purabeto "惑Wazu up at forty" Whether you run a limited and only knows what his place.
Ogasawara player has just played against a black belt promotion after this year's Asian Open in BJJ players in local spread across diligently to Taiwan alone.
Thailand Open debut for its first victory of the black belt and immediately played his first victory, showed the ability roll appropriate to the new place is a black belt in our minds.
Rickson Cup, held last week and has also participated and Ajiachiko CBJJE, Hadowaka first time that games played almost every month.
Asian Open in September, the Thailand Open in October, November and the Asian Cup Chico CBJJE Hixon, and two weeks in three tournaments and tournament.
In December of next month the game has been conducted and will actively participate in qualifying and Tyuugoku China Open to be held in Shanghai, China Abudabiwarudopuro.
Adult black Mejio finalsTakaya Satoshi (Kichijoji Paraesutora)vsOgasawara Makoto player (Taiwan BJJ)

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Great sportsman, great technique, always fun and inspiring to watch his matches.