No photos to share today as I just got in to Shanghai from Bangkok. My flight was scheduled to leave Thailand at 2am but due to unexplained delays, we didn't take off till 7am. Nonetheless, I got in safely and am freezing my butt off. For most people winter time is actually cold, hahaha. For those living in Southeast Asia, it's just cooler than normal but still warm. My blood has definitely thinned out and I am no longer strong when it comes to cold weather. Gone are the glory days of New York winters. In the city the snow has been cleared but its a dry cold so whatever skin is exposed, if left out too long it can be painful.

Today is more to get situated and things will kick off tomorrow at Alavanca BJJ with the referee seminar at 3pm.

Things have no doubt changed over the past two years since being here. The last time I visited China was just over two years ago, right before the Beijing Olympics. Today things are even more developed and a bit less dust from construction projects having finished.

Not much else to write about so catch ya tomorrow. 


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