LS skull-ring w/ marcasite & resin setting (mobile jaw)

I've mentioned a few times on the blog that I am a jewelry designer, having my own line of men's jewelry (LUKE SATORU) but I've done little to incorporate this part of my life with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Well, that's about to change. Having just completed the designs for my next collection, I'm eager to get into another project catering to 'the fighter'. For the most part, fighters have pretty gnarly hands with each knuckle busted and swollen so rings are not the most popular option. This leaves me to believe that chains, necklaces and bracelets would be more suitable.

So this is where I'd like to incorporate the help of the SEABJJ community and ask, "What are your jewelry ideas for fighters?" Now I'm not asking for graphic ideas of samurai's and dragons but also ideas about function. 

*Would you just wear this when going out but have something that may relate to your interest in martial arts or MMA?

*Would you wear this all the time and need something that is strong looking but not obtrusive to your active-lifestyle?

*Or do you want something that is understated and zen?

*I don't want this to be strictly for men, this is completely open to women as well!

If your idea is unique and it's possible for me to incorporate this in one of my new designs, you will receive your very own piece, customized with laser engraving to hallmark the occasion.

-Your idea can come as drawing or written description but cannot be a copy of something that already exists.
-By submitting your idea, you relinquish any ownership and LUKE SATORU has full rights to said idea.
-There is no restriction to area and this contest is not exclusive to the SEABJJ community.

-The cut-off date for entries is December 23, 2010
-All entries can be submitted to luke@bjj-asia.com


***If anyone has interest in the existing collection for purchase, please contact me directly. By joining the facebook group, you will also get the most updated info on what's going on with LS.

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