Living in Thailand I often get asked whether I train Muay Thai. People want to know what I do outside of jewelry design and I reply 'martial arts' trying to avoid the explanation of what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is besides falling back on the fail-safe of calling it Judo's half-brother. And no, I don't train Muay Thai and have only dabbled. I have trained enough to know how hard it is on the body, the fitness level it requires to fight and the many busted toes and thumbs I've gotten from not punching or kicking correctly (purely my fault). And because of this I have tremendous amount of respect for the art and sport. So while I may not be a practitioner, I am definitely an admirer.

Living in the best city for Muay Thai I've been fortunate enough to entertain guests and watch friends fight at both Lumpini and Ratchdamnoen Stadium. And feeding into my other obsessive hobbies, I usually am there with camera in hand. So on a recent trip to Lumpini Stadium I took a few shots and like a jack-ass I missed a knock-out cause I was editing my photos, ugh. Mind you, the heaviest match-up that evening was 130lbs (59kg).

Here are a few pics from that evening but for the full collection you can check out my flickr account: CLICK HERE

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