view from podium overlooking 4x competition mats

Dimitri defends the armbar

black-belt absolute semi-final: Rodrigo Caporal x Adam Kayoom

So got to bed around 1am the eve of the event and woke up 5:30am Saturday morning for last minute packing and errands before heading to the event space. Got there thankfully with coffee in-hand and got to work. The crew from the previous evening did a great job of putting out most the mats but there were still some finishing touches to be done. Registration got going as scheduled but like always, nearly every bracket had to be adjusted due to people not making weight or some other misinformation. This put us back nearly 45min to an hour but by noon we were back on schedule. We completed 556 matches today including all belt-levels, masters, juevenile and absolutes. The matches officially started at about 10:30am and finished the last bit of the medal ceremony at 9pm. We did hit a few scheduling snags but it's kinda expected when dealing with 200+ competitors. 

This is the first year I didn't compete as well and while I am definitely jealous, I am quite glad I didn't. With the tournament getting as big as it is, I don't think I would want to deal with the anxiety of both tasks at once, haha. I take great joy in hearing from the competitors how much they enjoy our event cause it means a lot to us.

Before I pass out, I want to thank a few people that really stood out today in making everything work as smoothly as it did.

To Anthony Hogan for being the man behind the brackets software working late nights since Tuesday to accommodate everyone and the changes we experienced both last night and today. Thank you!

To Minyoung Kim and Louisa Kim for heading the bracket center today. You all should know Minyoung now as she's been a huge help with registration, weigh-ins and today with the brackets. Thank you!

The the gang on the floor I want to thank Brian Garrison, Chris Haja, John Brennan, Kris K, Steve Grimes, Mike Webber, Sarawud, Alex C., Matt Mollenkof, Lorne Ziskinder and Tomi Hashimoto. There are more but these guys really put in that extra bit covering more than their share of the scheduled work. Thank you!

And of course to the referee team. Prof Kamphuis, Prof Kayoom, Osagawara-san, Mark Simmerman, Pat, Thien, Ram...There's one more guy but I can't remember his name, sorry but you know who you are. As always there were some tough calls but these guys deserve some real thanks cause they do the job so many dread. Thank you!

To all our friends that helped out with the merch-tables and concession stand. Thank you!

And to you the competitors. Thank you for your participation, support and patience. Each year is better but we also raise the bar each year which creates new challenges for us. We hope you enjoy our event and will see you tomorrow for the NO-GI day!



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black-belt absolutes: G-Caporal, S-Aramaki, B-Kayoom, B-Ogasawara


Paraestra black-belt with the Kauai Kimono Girls

Kinya outside with the BJJAT banner


Anonymous said...

Wow you are like the energizer bunny to post a blog entry like this after such a long and grueling day - I suspected how much work you put into these tourneys (I competed at the first, brought a team mate and mentor to the second - Crazy P - and I'm volunteering at this one) but it wasn't until I saw some of the "back office" work that takes place in addition to what competitors see on the actual day, that I really understood your dedication to making GREAT BJJ competition available in Kreung Thep, City of Angels.

My hat's off to you!

(How did Kris get DENGUE FEVER in BANGKOK? And he was still hobbling around on a cane helping out, and two weeks of being bed-ridden...dedication).


Anonymous said...

That's my boy Kyle against Dimitri. That was a great match!

My favorite match of the day was that of the 2 makotos. Somebody please post that match on youtube :)

Kudos to Luke and the gang for a very successful day 1. I can't wait for day 2!

Ray elbe said...


I'm gutted I missed this. Congrats Adam.

Any Evolve players this year?!