the last group standing as we complete the awards cermony for the no-gi day. and thank you all for help cleaning up.

The second day works out much better than the first cause the volunteer-team is now accustomed to their jobs and each year is usually a different crew of helpers with a few long-timers. The weigh-ins, registration, rashguards and t-shirts all got settled in the morning and we got underway by 10am. We knew better where we could improve and we used our team to their best making sure all issues were covered. Granted, the second day also yields different results due to the faster pace of no-gi, injuries from the previous day and people having to return home early. Even so, we ran through all our divisions and wrapped things up with our medals/trophies by 5:30pm!!! 

I didn't make time to take any photos until the Elite-Absolutes which was almost the last bracket to play out. In it was probably one of the most excited matches I got to see; Dan Simmler (Simmler BJJ/Renzo Gracie) vs. Rodrigo Caporal (Atos JJ/Versus Performance). This match was sick and had everyone going from start to finish. I can't get into the details and I won't spoil it cause I know the video will be up soon on youtube, I'm sure of it. But so many great matches this weekend both in the gi and no-gi. 

FYI, the awards for most technical fighter wen to:

MOST TECHNICAL FIGHTER GI: Rodrigo Caporal (Atos JJ/Versus Performance)

MOST TECHNICAL FIGHTER NO-GI: Murase Yoichi (Axis Jiu-Jitsu)

I'm about to head to our after-party before my body succumbs to sleep but before I do, I want to thank the following people.

*Anthony Hogan for being the mastermind behind the brackets.

*Minyoung Kim, Louisa Kim and Jemima Wright for working the bracket center and being awesome.

*Prof Stephen Kamphui, Professor Adam Kayoom, Makoto Ogasawara, Mark Simmerman, Pat V., Ram, Thien for their awesome work as our referees.

*To the crew taking care of time, scoreboard, runners, bullpen leaders. John Brennan, Chris Haja, Steve Grimes, Brian Garrison, Kris K, Tony Hemsley, Rick Nimo, Steve, Chris Goodrich, Lorne Ziskinder, Lillie, Mike Webber, Amps, Sawarud, Niti, Ing, Amps, Nick, Matt Mollenkof, Andrew, Ilya Reeves, hack and if I forgot your name please forgive me but THANK YOU ALL!

*To our friends and family controlling the drink station and merch-table. Thank you to P'Nit and Khun Aom + crew for doing such a wonderful job all weekend.

*And of course I want to thank all our sponsors for this event:

LUMPINI HALL (sorry we took so long) 

*Lastly, to my good friends and teammates whom I work with as organizing heads of BJJAT. 

To Mark Simmerman,
We do this because we care and are passionate for BJJ and community here. If we bicker its only cause we care so much, hahaha. We really are like an old married couple.

Thank you

To Niti Techottiasnee,
You were there way before I came around and you've always managed to be so cool, collected and most of all the most generous person I know going out of their way to help make things happen for friends and family.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that stopped to share how much enjoyed the weekend and how much they appreciated us, the BJJAT, for putting on this event. This was all possible on 100% volunteer basis and I think that's a real testament to the kind of community we have here in Thailand but a lot of what I see throughout Southeast Asia as well. Thank you to you the community and competitors for your support and participation.

Thank you,


prob one of the most exciting matches I got watch all weekend. Dan Simmler vs. Rodrigo Caproal in the Elite-Absolute finals!


Anonymous said...

Is there an "award" for fighter with the worst injury who keeps fighting? I nominate Dan Simmler.

Is there an "award" for referee with the coolest head who makes two very difficult, outcome-determining take-down points/no points calls despite opposing shout-outs from the other camp? Sticks by his guns? And is vindicated based on the lack of coach protest (which was permitted at this tournament)? I nominate Mark Simmerman. (Who,BTW, also fought in HOW MANY matches (adult? masters? absolute) on TWO days? Plus had time for administration of a very hectic tournament? PLUS - LOL - apparently even had time and energy left over for some "intrafamilial bickering?")

And for anyone who thinks MMA fighters are "fighters" but BJJ people are just "competitors" I urge you to find the inevitable You Tube video and watch this match and see two FIGHTERS at the top of their games and on one of their best days.

Just another day in Bangkok at Lumpini Park while the civilians are doing tai chi outside.


LUKE said...

Dan Simmler's injury was pretty gnarly and required stitches later.

The entire referee crew deserves awards in my opinion. Tough calls all around for sure.

Always good to have Webber here in Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

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