So my last post was just before our after party which was great fun. I kept to my promise and got silly-drunk. Leave it to the gang from Sriracha Jiu-Jitsu to get you wasted within minutes of arriving.  It was only till the next day did I realize how drunk and how silly I was but all in good fun. Thanks to Big Mango Bar on Soi Nana. Tucked away in a smaller sub-soi but it was a great venue for us. We got to watch some amazing fights as UFC was playing that night. I'm sorry but I can only remember Gonzaga getting put down once, I don't remember what happened for the Lesner x Valesquez fight. From there we moved on to the 'mechanical bull' spot just down the road. BJJ guys and gals took over the joint and we rode the bull till closing. By 3am I had to leave but I know many of you kept on till the wee hours of the morning.

Come Monday afternoon we had our post-tournament black-belt seminar! I can't believe how many showed up but we had a full house. At one point we hosted up to 8x black belts; Makoto Ogasawara (Taiwan BJJ), Alex (Impact MMA), Adam Kayoom (Bangkok BJJ), Stephen Kamphuis (Fabricio/Kamphuis), Dan Simmler (Simmler BJJ), Ouchi-san (Paraestra), Matsumoto-san (Paraestra) and even Rodrigo Caporal (Atos JJ/V. Performance) stopped by. People started showing up at 1pm and we didn't close the academy till 9pm. Amazing amount of generosity from all participating black-belts. Some of the techniques shown and several interviews will appear in the next issue of BJJ Spirits magazine. 

The last bunch at our seminar. It started at 1pm and these crazies were there till 9pm! 8-hours of jiu-jitsu!

(l to r) Me, Kinya Hashimoto, Adam Kayoom

Now that the tournament is done, the after party a hazy memory and our jiu-jitsu marathon-seminar is over....I must return to the real world. I've been MIA from my family for the past 4 days and need to make it up to them. 

I'll be posting the results and pictures I took within the week. If you have any to share, please post them up the SEABJJ facebook page. Also, hope to see those videos up soon and please let me know so I can share them on the blog.

See you all next year!

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