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Surprisingly I've heard very little about the trials in Asia outside of Japan. There is a confirmed trial in Korea and China. The dates are set below along with contact info. The nearest one will be in Korea this month and then China in December. Japan's trials will not take place until March of 2011. I've been asking around but the most I can get is the dates. I've included info on the grading each location has received which determines the number of winning competitors that will be sponsored to the championships in Abu Dhabi. 3-start locations only have 4 slots while 5-star locations have 13 slots. 


It’s worth noting that the competitions (gi and no-gi) are open to all, not just to those who qualify at the tryouts to be held around the world. The tryouts are an option for athlete’s not wishing to spend on airfare, food and board. There are no restrictions to those who wish to pay their own way to compete at the main event, as RĂ´mulo Barral did this year.

Speaking of tryouts, they too will reward the winners of the black belt absolute division with prize money. There are no restrictions on nationality for the tryouts. All athletes from whatever nation can compete in any of the tryouts. That wasn’t the case with last year’s tryouts, so this is news. The tryouts and the main event will be broadcast over Abu Dhabi Sportv channel. In all there will be eighteen tryouts divided into three categories:

3 stars: (Korea, China and Bahrain) each leg will reward four athletes with all-expenses-paid trips to the main event

4 stars: (New Zealand, Poland and South Africa) each leg will reward seven athletes with all-expenses-paid trips to the main event

5 stars: (Brazil, with legs in Gramado, Natal and Rio de Janeiro; USA, with legs in New York, Las Vegas and West Palm Beach; Canada; Australia; Japan; United Kingdom; Portugal; and Sweden) each leg will reward thirteen athletes with all-expenses-paid trips to the main event.

Japan – Tokyo – 5 stars
March 12, 2011

Korea – Bucheon – 3 stars
October 24, 2010

China- Shanghai – 3 stars
December 18, 2010

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