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Some members of the Evolve Fight Team, from left to right:
Mitch Chilson, Yoddecha Sityodtong, Chatri Sityodtong, Leandro Issa, and Rafael dos Anjos 

The Fighters Program at Evolve MMA is strictly reserved for the professional fighters on the Evolve Fight Team. Led by Kru Chatri Sityodtong and Professor Rafael Gordinho, the Evolve Fight Team is Asia's most decorated professional fighting team with World Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and No-Gi Grappling. Our fighters have competed and won at the highest levels in the world at top events such as the UFC, Sengoku FC, Art of War FC, Martial Combat FC, Fury FC, Mundials BJJ World Championship, Lumpinee Stadium World Championship, and many other top events.

The mission of the professional Evolve Fight Team is to win world championship titles.

Every member of the Evolve Fight Team has been handpicked after an extensive try-out and interview process. We have fighters from all backgrounds and from all over the world. Some of our fighters joined Evolve after they became renowned world champions in one discipline. On the other side of the spectrum, we also have fighters that had zero martial arts experience. The Evolve Fight Team selects its fighters based on the criteria of athletic potential, gameness, technical prowess, coachability, world championship potential, and other critical variables.

Our professional fighters train 4-6 hours per day as a part of their normal daily routine. There are two mandatory training sessions per day ("Fighters Program"): our morning session (9am to 11am) and our afternoon session (2pm to 4pm). Attendance is mandatory for all professional fighters on the Evolve Fight Team. Our training sessions consist of roadwork, advanced technical training, hard training/pad work/dummy work, reflex drills, and striking/ground/MMA sparring. The Evolve Fight Team curriculum consists of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, and MMA. Additionally, our fighters are expected to complete their own customized strength and conditioning programs (designed by the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Evolve MMA) outside of the training sessions and to work on their weak areas by attending our regular advanced classes.

Evolve MMA offers a Nutrition Management Program for all members of the Evolve Fight Team. Our Director of Strength and Conditioning is Asia's top expert and offers excellent, customized programs and guidance for each of our fighters.

Evolve MMA manages the careers of all members of the Evolve Fight Team in terms of their professional fight careers, sponsorships, publicity work, and speaking engagements. Evolve has established a global network of contacts such that our fighters are able to compete anywhere in the world (provided that their qualifications and abilities are appropriate for a given event). For enquiries, please send an email to info@evolve-mma.com

For our professional fighters, the training is completely free of charge. With over 500 years of championship experience, the Evolve Instructor Team is the largest and most experienced instructor team in Asia; it handles all aspects of training for our professional fighters. Additionally, Evolve MMA offers complimentary corporate housing for its top fighters. Evolve MMA also offers generous compensation packages for professional fighters who qualify to work at Evolve as employees. All employment visas are also handled by Evolve MMA on a complimentary basis.

Evolve MMA is always looking for top potential talent to join the Evolve Fight Team. If you are interested in applying as a professional fighter for the Evolve Fight Team, please send an email to fighters@evolve-mma.com. For more information on the Evolve Fight Team, please click here.

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® is Asia's premier brand of MMA academies.  Evolve MMA ranks among the best academies in the world for Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Anonymous said...

Now i know why Evolve charges such high exorbitant fees...the fees channel to their development of professional fighters.

What Evolve does not realise is their 500 yrs of combine experience does not necessarily equate to charging high fees.

A world champion does not necessarily is a good instructor. Simliarly a good instructor may not be a world champion.

Look at Jose Murinho and Alex Ferguson...both didn't win any world cup medals during their playing days but look what they did to Man Utd and Chelsea?

Anonymous said...

do they pay you for the outrageous advertising plugs?

LUKE said...

Are you asking if I get paid to re-post Evolve's info from their blog?

No, but it'd be great if I did. Perhaps I could charge a $1 per post like newspapers do for advertising space. Then I could quit my management and design job and live off the tens-of-dollars comin' in from people wantin to share info on BJJ-ASIA.

Anonymous said...

Evolve has no pride.

They have produced ZERO, yes, ZERO winners from their pool of local students. How many of their students win a competition since joining them from day one?

In all fights and competitions, they rope in professional fighters from japan, thailand, brazil etc to represent them in competitons and some are just amateurs competitions. Professionals fighting in amatuer competitions. Any pride in winning?

This is absolute rubbish.

LUKE said...

Hi Anonymous,

Please keep comments positive and constructive. I have no problems with people sharing their opinions on the blog but I insist that people keep things respectful.

From your post, I gather what you find most upsetting is that no local-Singaporean training at Evolve has become a champion in either MMA or BJJ. Is that correct? Well, what kind of circumstances and time frame do you believe will allow for a 'local' to accomplish this? Is this a slant on Singaporean vs non-Singaporean? Evolve as an academy is no older than 2-3 years old if I remember correctly. Generally speaking that's long enough to produce a blue-belt in BJJ.

All the BJJ black-belts from Evolve that participated in the 2009 Thailand Open competed against legitimate black-belts from Brazil and Japan. All BJJ black-belt instruction in Southeast Asia is lead by foreigners with the exception of the Philippines and Indonesia (Alvin Aguilar, John Baylon and Niko Han).

I urge the SGBJJ community to produce events, get everyone involved and put yourselves on the mat.

Don't romanticize BJJ to the point where making a living is a sin. Beyond our passion for the art/sport, it is still a business but a business that I believe to promote positivity. Let's keep promoting that positivity and see what good is coming with the added attention and public awareness of BJJ and MMA.

I've never visited or trained at Evolve MMA. I've never trained at any academy in Singapore.

I just don't see the point of posting some strong accusations without giving real context or your real name. Everyone can decide for themselves where the right place is for them and who they want to train with.


Anonymous said...

Evolve has been around in sg for 2 to 3 yrs...and yes, that about the time to get a blue belt. I am sure there are some capable white belts and blue belts winning tournaments in regional meets.

But i seriously doubt if Evolve is able to produce a white belt or blue belt winner...as they are always side tracking telling the consumers out there how good their Evolve professional fight team is.

To be honest, as a consumer, i want to see results and what the school can do. What their professional fighters can do do not interest me.

Do you look at the profiles of the teachers in a school if they are Nobel prize winners or what book prizes they have won OR do you seriously consider the teaching standards of the school before enrolling your son to study at that school?

Like i said before, having nobel prize winners in the team and charging exorbitant fees DO NOT necessarily equate to good instructions and results.

Andy Chen said...

Perhaps Evolve should really need to reflect on themselves why there are so much negative comments about them whenever there is an advertisment or announcement on Evolve in this website.

They should find out the causes why there are so much hatred against them. I mean i have been following the bjj-asia.com blog for a while and there isn't anything about other clubs BUT Evolve.

Maybe there is something wrong with their marketing? Training? Charges? Or maybe it is just pure arrogance on their part?


LUKE said...

*I agree, great competitors doesn't always translate to great instructors. I've experienced this firsthand outside of my own gym in the US but I've also trained under exceptional instructors that have never competed.

*If a team or school appear on BJJ-ASIA more often than others it's because I've been approached by them with information they would like to share with the community. I do not solicit material from anyone, nor do I receive any type of compensation. I am here to support those that want to take part.

*I've never been to or trained at Evolve MMA so I am not sure why all the hate for these guys. There are some exceptional black-belts there like Gordinho who's had a real hand in BJJ history/competition before anyone in SEA was doing BJJ, back in Brazil. Check out the early Desafio tapes and you'll see Gordinho there coaching some of the best.

*Regarding the fight team. In my experience as a student and as a gym owner for the past 2+ years, 99% of the customers will never see what it's like to be in the cage or ring and fight professionally. The majority of my students are like myself, we work regular 9-5 jobs and then train in the evenings before going home to do it all again the next day. The students that do excel are the ones that are self-motivated and I believe would do relatively well regardless of where they trained. Now of course one instructor over another could make a difference but it comes down to the student and their will to be a champion. I'm not counting the 'weekend warriors' here, I'm counting those that live/train as professional athletes.

In my opinion, to see the full spectrum and ability of an academy's instructors is when they can produce a local black-belt. By then you'll be able to see a full body of students from white to black. So by the time they promote their first local black-belt, there's probably a decent number of browns and purples also in line, representing the school in competition.

*If Evolve were to take time to reflect on why there's so much negativity posted about them, then I would ask where is it coming from. Is this negativity coming from their own students and customers or is it from other BJJ schools in Singapore? Evolve is not the only place to train in Singapore. Perhaps people really want to train there but can't afford their monthly fees to do so.

What if it was inverse? Evolve have the only black-belts teaching in Singapore and under cut the monthly fees of any other gym. Then everyone would flock to train at Evolve and everyone would be happy right? Hahaha, prob not.

Anyways, appreciate the open dialogue here. I think you guys have some good points but I think it's only fair that I play devils-advocate since the comments always focus on what people think to be negative.


Anonymous said...

Here is a thought. If you dont like evolve mma then do go there. Anybody being forced to go there and train? I think not. If you think their programme is too expensive, dont go.

Sebastien said...


personally i am quite happy to see an organization like this in Asia with tough Athletes to train with. whether they are from around or not, whether they are too proud or not whether their marketing is too aggressive and outrageous or not, i really don't care as long as they help us to get better and help the BJJ scene to get bigger in the Region.

Seb Bangkok BJJ

Andy Chen said...

I reckon the average joe on the street is just interested in knowing WHY he should join Evolve MMA since there are so many gyms out there and WHAT he stands to benefit from their curriculum given their high exorbitant monthly fees.

To be honest, the average joe as what Luke had mentioned, has family and work commitments and training is just to keep fit and healthy and perhaps learn some defensive skills along the way. The average joe is not interested in whatsoever fight team Evolve is selling. Neither is he interested if there are world class trainers.

Perhaps Evolve would like to promote their school's curriculum, programs, training methodologies, etc instead of promoting their fight team.

Constantly promoting their fight team will leave a sour taste in the average joe's mouth. It will give the impression that "Shit, this place is for fighters only...i am just an average joe. I will go somewhere". Obvious discrimination?


Andy Chen said...

Forgot to add...an armbar is an armbar...what's the difference between Evolve MMA and other gyms out there? One does not need to pay high monthly fees to learn at Evolve MMA.

Even the Gracies have come out with DVD on BJJ and their cost is just a fraction of what Evolve charges. One can learn with the DVD in their garage so-to-speak.

What i am saying is Evolve should justify their stand in the market and not to just sell their fight team and their team of world champions.

Btw, this is just a friendly discussion and i am glad that bjj-asia.com offers us such a platform for discussion.

May sound like we are smacking each other but isn't it useful to hear and see things from different side of the coin? There are things to learn to from the discussion. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Guys like Renzo, Gordo and Gordinho have made essential contributions to BJJ. Seeing some internet guys smack talk their school is ridiculous.

Go see Renzo's school in NY if you need any idea of what kind of students he produced in the past. Like Seb said, I am glad they came to the region, and everyone will have to train that much harder in the future. I look forward to training at the school when I visit singapore.

WorldClass said...

The Anonymous poster of the first few comments is so bitter because his instructor is only a purple belt or worse.

My sad friend, who ask you don't study hard when you were younger? Now you have a job that doesn't pay enough that you can't even afford the fees at Evolve. How much you pay at SingBJJ? If you can't even afford to pay for Evolve, you definitely can't afford to play golf. So I expect to see you at golf forums comlaining about the prices and fees at Island and Sentosa.

And as for your example of Jose MOURINHO (learn to spell, you illiterate fool), your argument absolutely falls to pieces. Abramovich spent half a billion building Chelsea. Money makes the world go round. The best players in the world went to Chelsea, and the best trainers in the world go to Evolve.

Only low iq/eq people like you who can't accept their place in life complain complain complain. Go back and train in whatever rat hole you crawled out of.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain why The Zorro guy was absolutely handled by Joe Ray in the last MMA Event in SG.

So much for world class ha ha, he should've been called Snore-o, got it? Snoro :) snoro

Anonymous said...

taking your trolling somewhere else, this a BJJ and MMA board for the SEA. Ray is a good prospect, and he caught the guy, stuff happens like that in mma fights and in training. Neither of which you probably do.

Chatri Sityodtong said...

Hi Everyone

This is Chatri from Evolve.

1) Firstly, I apologize on behalf of Evolve for comments made by "WorldClass" - I can only assume that it is from a student of Evolve, given the fiery nature of the response. Going forward, I kindly reiterate to all Evolve students, staff, and instructors that you should refrain from disrespectful behavior towards anyone - on or off the mat.

2) I think Luke has the right approach for his blog. The spirit of this blog, if I am not mistaken, is for the SEA community to join hands to share our passion for BJJ and MMA; its a platform to exchange information, ideas, knowledge, etc. There is no point in bashing each other as it will only serve to tarnish the reputation of our sport. As a lifelong student, fighter, and teacher of Muay Thai, I believe that the future success of our sports (BJJ, MMA, etc) rest on how we work together to build and grow them. Let's work together in a positive way so that others may benefit from the sports that we love. As we can all attest to, martial arts has changed all of our lives for the better. So let's continue to spread the love for the potential newbies out there.

3) If it is ok, I would like to clarify some facts about Evolve. Evolve had its Grand Opening in January 2009 with Renzo Gracie personally "cutting the ribbon" to signify the opening of Evolve. So Evolve is only 1 year and 8 months old. I would say it is too short of a time to judge Evolve's ability to produce good students. Our long term goal is definitely to produce great students; that's why we spend so much time and money trying to recruit the best instructors possible from around the world in every discipline (BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, No Gi Grappling, etc).

4) The hardest part of my job is finding special individuals like Gordinho and Gordo - instructors who are both World Champions and phenomenal teachers. I agree with both "Andy" and Luke that World Champions do not necessarily make great instructors. And there are plenty of great instructors who never competed before too. Anyone with any meaningful time in BJJ will have an appreciation for both Gordinho and Gordo as teachers and the wonderful students that they have produced. Gordo is head of Evolve Brazil and has produced many BJJ World Champions and top MMA fighters. A BJJ World Champ, he is also the inventor of the half-guard. Gordinho is based permanently at Evolve Singapore and has an equally impressive list of top Black Belts under him. He was literally Renzo Gracie's right hand man for several years in running RGA in NYC before moving to Evolve. Our Muay Thai instructors are equally talented as both fighters and teachers. I can speak for them because I grew up training and fighting alongside all of them at Sityodtong Camp in Thailand. I spend a large amount of time on trying to find the right mix of instructors for Evolve - some are World Champions and some are not. The most important thing to me is that they are great human beings who love what they do and that they have a knack for teaching.

CONT'D below

Chatri Sityodtong said...

5) As for whether Evolve can produce good students or not, I think Luke has the right understanding. You need to see the breadth and depth of a student base to really be able to see if a school is good or not. All of that takes several years to unfold.

6) Of course, it frustrates me to see unprovoked attacks on Evolve. However, I try my best to understand their points of view. Evolve is not perfect, but one thing is certain - we have never bashed any school or instructor. In fact, we think very highly of our competitors in Singapore. For example, Kreation Jiu-Jitsu is amazing. Kon and Sul are amazing fighters and phenomenal teachers. Everyone at Kreation JJ is super nice and very down to earth. How do I know all of this? Because I trained there for a few months before I opened Evolve. And I strongly recommend Kreation JJ based on my experience with Kon and Sul. (Of course, I am still biased towards Evolve :)

7) I would like to bring attention back to the original post. The original post about the Evolve Fight Team was not a marketing post, but rather a recruitment post. We are interested in adding more professional fighters to the Evolve Fight Team. There is plenty of talent in Asia. I believe that Evolve can help any pro MMA fighter get to the next level (ie. UFC, Martial Combat FC, DREAM FC, etc) - be it the level of instruction, the training partners, the career management, etc. So if you are interested in taking your MMA game to the next level, please send us an email.

In any case, please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for spending the time to read this post. And to Luke, we all owe you a big debt of gratitude for starting BJJ Asia. Luke has graciously given us all a platform to share our passion, knowledge, information, etc. Let's keep it positive as a sign of respect back to Luke.

Thanks once again to everyone.


Ben W. said...

Excellent post Chatri.

At the center of everyone's concerns should be
1) their own training
2) the development of BJJ and MMA overall.

What other schools do or don't do should have no impact on someone's training as long as these schools are not disrespectful to others.

Ray Elbe said...

Personally...I've been very impressed with Evolves prospects.

Tommy, while already talented when he arrived...has flourished under their instructions and is quickly establishing himself as a top fighter in the region. If he beats David Gardner he deserves everyone's attention.

Choi, is another tough prospect who showed he was more then a wrestler in his last bout for Martial Combat.

Neelan Hordatt looked great in his debut and Mitch Chilson is continuing to build upon his skills.

Add to those "prospects" the pro's they have already brought in...and that is a list of impressive fighters.

No shame in Zoro losing to Joe Ray---if people don't realize how good he is...they will soon find out--that kid has A level potential...and has KO'd several World Champions in the gym.

Gary said...

Kudos to Luke for offering an unbiased platform for everyone to voice their views. I do feel it funny that all these anonymous beings don't even have the testicular fortitude to post with their names. :-) everytime I see something negative against Evolve posted online, I always envision a fat and out of shape guy with no balls sitting in a dark room.. I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

I'm another person who just witnessed these comments and I'd like to share my thoughts.

I'm not the one that posted the first few comments. Just to confirm.

The name Sityodtong says it all. Yo, Grandmaster, Muay Thai's finest, Kru Yodtong Senanan? Your jaw has to drop from that.

Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitus is linked with Evolve has well. Evolve is still new, so give em time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and rushing things would not lead to success. Slow and steady wins the race. Patience and consistency produces results.

Rafael Dos Anjos was lookin good, he was unfortunate in his last fight but he will be back. Neelan's a talent, and Tommy Yang, at the age of 20, has accomplished so much. Like I said, patience
and consistency is key here.

Mr Olympia wasn't built in a day. Or even in a year. Or two years. Or even 3 years. It takes time. Ronnie Coleman trained all his life, Jay Cuter trained all his life, Dorian Yates dedicated his life to it to become a 6 time World Champion

note: If you don't know who these guys are, well they're not from Evolve. I was just giving an example.

As to saying a world champion does not result in a good instructor, well that may be true, but using Alex Ferguson and Mourinho, especially in team sports, is not a fair statement either. In footy you have to depend on your teammates every single time, whereas in the ring/cage, at most all you can do is hear the cries from your cornermen.

Lastly, please don't be disrespectful to Zoro. He's one of the nicest guys, ever. In that fight, he just got caught. If you get knocked out, well, it is what it is. Now if you tap out cos you can't take the pain or whatsoever, shouldn't you be more ashamed then, as compared to getting caught?

Like I said, Evolve has only been around for almost 2 years. It takes time. Patience and consistency.

Anonymous said...

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