This shout-out comes from the KDT Academy and BJJ brown-belt instructor Samuel Wee. Just recently he promoted a number of his students to blue and purple.

Congratulations Pat, Rizan, Mike and Jansen for their purples, and Ren and Jun for their blue. 

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of purples. Have they ever competed in the region?

Samuel Wee said...

Hi Anonymous,

A couple of them have competed, but quite some time ago as blues and maybe even as whites

Pat in Thailand and Mike in Thailand and (I think) Singapore if I remember correctly. But thats quite some time ago before there were quite so many competitions

Jae said...

I think out of the 4 purple belts, 3 have competed before either in Bangkok or in Singapore.

Samuel Wee said...

Thanks Jae

Yes, Jansen has competed as well a few years ago, making it 3 on that list. Pat won his division and Mike got 2nd or 3rd if I remember correctly (that was quite a few years ago)

Also one of my other purple belts, Rich got second place in the European Open no gi, no belt category in 2005 (I think)

I don't place a lot of emphasis on competitions, due to the fact most of my students are over 30, and have work and family commitments. But I certainly do not discourage those that do want to compete.

Anonymous said...