I've been following the MEERKATSU BLOG for sometime now, authored by UK local Seymour Yang. Hands down, this guy writes some of the best gear reviews with tons of pics, detailed comparisons and an honest take on whats out there in the market. Always a fun read with lots of great material on BJJ in and out of the UK.
So a few weeks ago I got an invite from Seymour to take part this crazy gi design contest that he was organizing. Being a member of 'bjj gi addicts anonymous', I jumped at the opportunity. Well travel got in the way and it's just now that I've managed to put something together. I've included my first submission to the contest at the very bottom of this post. Definitely not the craziest of the submission so far, check out their facebook page for the contest, but I like it. If you don't know what my gi design is referring to, start listening to some real music, haha.

Anyways, this contest doesn't require any artistic skill, just your unique ideas.

Here are the prizes to be won:
The Ultimate winner will get their winning gi custom crafted by top gi maker Tatami Fightwear. It'll take about 8 weeks to turnaround, but they're pretty confident their factory can do it.

A second winner will get Tatami Fightwear's newest - yet to be launched - top of the range competition gi - in any colour, any size, sent to your door, anywhere in the world!

Plus, lots of runner up prizes (t-shirts, rash guards, shorts..whatever Tatami think you'll want really)

the challenge:
So I issue this challenge to you - dear reader, dear blogger, dear gi addict. Draw me a crazy-ass gi, send it to my email address (seymouryang gmail) and if you are a blogger - post your idea up online too. Let's make this the craziest collaborative social media experiment in a BJJ gi context...EVER!

There will be prizes, I promise!

Oh, and here's a gi design template if you want to use one. Just print it out, or colour it in using MS Paint, Photoshop or absolutely ANY method of design you like. Heck ignore it if you want and draw your own made up gi I don't care. Snap it on your mobile, scan it in, photocopy it....whatever. Just get me that crazy gi design. Do it! (pretty please).


my first submission to the contest:

here is submission #2


Meerkatsu said...

Great design Luke, thanks for the plug :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to change the topic in the blog. The author - a versatile personality.