(Me holding my 7-month old nephew and my sister-in-law carrying my 14-month old son)

I just got back from a two-week trip with my immediate and extended family from Europe to celebrate my sister's wedding. It was a crazy trip with nearly half a dozen hotel changes, 4x cities, 2x baby/infant and 13x adults in 3x cars. Not to mention the 10 hour flight each way with my 14-month old son who's now running around pinching strangers. He's just over a year but is often mistaken for a two-year-old cause of how big he is, 13kg. I guess he takes after his dad. I'm already doing my best to play games that require him to escape my close-guard which my wife just shakes her head at in embarrassment.

Anyways, going into this trip I was very conscious about how I ate and how I kept active. At the same time I didn't torture myself by not enjoying the great food either, I just made sure to do a little extra here and there to compensate for what I was putting into the body. To my joy, I returned to Bangkok weighing the same as I had left which often is not the case. I think I had a weekend in HK some years ago where I returned nearly 3-4kg heavier, hahaha. Being in Europe reminded me a lot of my life in New York having to walk everywhere, taking the metro and many flights of stairs. I believe this helped a great deal cause I was never stationary going from place to place and chasing after my boy which is not easy. Besides the constant activity, I noticed the portions were much smaller than what you'll see in the US and sometimes in Asia depending on where you go. So already I didn't have to do much editing and was able to enjoy a little of this and that.

I did hit a bump in the trip near the end after two nights of heavy drinking. Hey! it's a wedding! And so the following day could feel some effects in my gouty-foot. Nothing bad like the first time but enough that I elected to stay in one day and keep off the foot. I skipped lunch, drank a lot of water and slept. Having changed my diet over the past couple of months I was feeling pretty good until this point. I was hoping it was just a one time deal but unfortunately is not the case.

So what got me reflecting on the trips is, what made the difference on this trip that I didn't come back heavier but was certainly enjoying some good food while traveling? Previous trips I tend to tack on the weight so what can I take from this and bring back home? Perhaps its pretty obvious but it hits me to say that I have to be more active. Most of the time we're talking about training or what food we eat but the difference may be how active we are in our daily routine? How many steps do you take throughout the day? Do you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Can you walk to work? Besides alcohol and savory foods, another vice that I have is the internet. I may have to rethink the amount of time spent at the computer outside of work. A lot of my design work and projects require the computer but I may have to squeeze in more time to walk outside or ride that nice bicycle I bought some months ago, haha.

Anyways, things are moving in a positive direction and it's nice to know that in my most recent trip I could see progress.


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