Yes, you heard correctly. The venue for the 2010 FBT Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open has changed from Seacon Square to Lumpini Hall (Lumpini Park). Typically, venue changes so close to the event date mean something bad has happened but in this case it means something bad got turned into something great. Long story short, we had to rethink our original venue because we got bumped to a lesser area but it gave us an opportunity to reach out and get the new one. Let me share you with you why this new location is so freakin' awesome.


front view of Lumpini Hall

1. We now have 4x competition areas compare to the previous 3x
2. We have adequate space for 2x bullpens for warming up and each bracket to be present
3. We have an improved PA system
4. Ample room for teams to group together indoors
5. The entire competition area will be partitioned

1. In Bangkok's largest most beautiful public park. You can rest inside the event space or find a nice shade under the trees.
2. Located in central Bangkok with easy access by BTS and MRT

1. A shuttle van (15 persons at a time) will be provided to and from Golden Palace Hotel.
2. Easily accessed by BTS, MRT and taxi

1. Within walking distance or a single stop on BTS, this is what surrounds Lumpini Park:
-Paragon, Central World and Central Chitlom department stores
-Siam Square
-Lumpini Night Bazaar
-Lumpini Muay Thai Stadium
-Silom (patpong, thaniya)

views from the podium

view of sideline for spectators, vendors, competitors

*We have notified all competitors who have already registered and are working on securing special rates at neighboring hotels to Lumpini Park, like the Holiday Inn. We are also hosting competitors at the Golden Palace Hotel at a discounted rate of 900 baht a night. Should have you any questions, please contact us at thailandbjj@gmail.com


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Jem said...

This is friggin awesome!! What a fantastic venue! I love Lumpini!