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As the UFC continues upon their quest of global domination, at least when it concerns combat sports, it was announced at the UFC 118 post-fight press conference that Asia will be the new home to UFC offices. Named as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of this new operation was former NBA China Executive Mark Fischer.
Mark Fischer at the UFC 118 post-fight press conference:
"It's great to be here back in my hometown. I'm delighted and honored to work with UFC president Dana White and the Fertitta brothers to build the Ultimate Fighting Championship and our other businesses in Asia. It's a fantastic market. I think we're just scratching the surface. A lot martial arts began their tradition there. We're very respectful of that... I was with the NBA in Asia for 12 years. Five or six of those were building the NBA in China. I think as successful as the NBA was there, what we were able to do with that, I think we can just as much with the UFC and more."
A couple quick notes on this move. One, Mr. Fischer appears to be extremely qualified to take on this role. He served as essentially the lead man for NBA China the last few years and has worked in Asia for the NBA for a dozen years. The NBA has undoubtedly enjoyed the most success in terms of global expansion when it comes to the big four sports in America, the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, and their conquest of Asia has been a big part of that.
And two, the sheer size of the Asian market will assuredly lead to an increased fan base. Asia is the world's most populous continent consisting of more than 4 billion people. To compare, North America is home to around 530 million people. 
Big business likely awaits.
So, with offices now in the United Kingdom, Canada, and now Asia to go along with their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, what part of the globe will the UFC post up at next? Let's hear from our Maniac geography buffs.

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