I'm still another 6 days out before returning home and back to posting regularly. It's been an indulgent trip so far and I am feeling some effects on my foot but nothing like the first time (*previous gout post). So obviously before I allow what I am feeling today to development into a full blown problem, I am taking it easy the next week for sure. 

On other news, we're approaching September and the first Team SEABJJ supported tournament is coming up in Japan! Team SEABJJ is a non-profit group and network to support the competitors from Southeast Asia who are taking part in international tournaments in locations like Japan, US and Brazil. We support each other by communicating via our facebook group to share information on registration, travel expenses and hotel. Also, at the tournament we are there for each other for coaching, timing and all out community support/comraderie. 

For the Asian Open Championships taking place September 11-12 in Tokyo Japan (Budokan), we have Taiwan BJJ's Warren Wang as our event leader. He is coordinating all the information and help you may need. I am also taking a tally for all those participating to receive the first SEABJJ comp t-shirt. Now I have received some comments regarding the figure used in the back logo but this is just a one-time deal. I will produce a companion shirt to remain politically neutral when it comes to reference to Master Helio and Master Carlos Sr. So let's get the roster finalized so t-shirts and patches can get to you the competitor, in time. Please check out the following links:


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