A big congratulations to the first quiz/prize winner, Mr. Ariel De Guzman from the Philippines!!! He will receive the new Abu Dhabi Pro editition of JJ Spirits magazine and the envy of all his teammates. When I asked him if he'd like to share anything with the community he replied with...

I would like to send my regards to all the guys from KDT, PJBJJ and Checkmat Malaysia that I have a chance training with before when I was in Malaysia. And also Pinoy bjj community specially KMA (fabricio). Hope I can visit you guys when I go to Bangkok.

Thanks to all those who participated. There will be more quiz/prizes to come and I will do my best to make them a little harder. I think the correct answer arrived to my mailbox within 5 minutes of me posting, haha. All in good fun.


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LUKE said...

Oh and the answer is: Valdemar Santana