2010 FBT THAILAND BJJ/GRAPPLING OPEN: online registration now ready!

Going a bit nuts these past couple of days with little to no access to the internet besides what signal I can get on my phone. Even now, what I can do on blogger is very limited. So it pains me to post this with no image or cool links but it must be done.

Online registration for the 2010 FBT Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open is now ready! Just click on the link below for all the details!


The first 100 registered competitors receive:
*competition t-shirt & custom rashguard
*eligible to win by raffle: new Shoyoroll Gi

*Kauai Kimonos
*Redstar BJJ kimonos
*Budovideos gift certificates to gold-medalist in absolute divisions!
*BJJ Spirits Magazines!
+ more!

Check out the site and register now!

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LUKE said...

Thanks for the notice. The link to the online registration site has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.