Brad Ku
HKJJ Hong Kong Jiu-Jisu ( http://www.hkjj.com.hk )

Born in 1979 Hong Kong
Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu

・Fight record
2006DUMAU Cup 2nd place
2008BJJ riddim MVP
2010Estadual Rio Cup 3rd place

Brad started brazilian jiujitsu in 2001 while he was living and studying in Australia, but after training under Toshiyuki Wado in Tokyo Japan, he began to realize that Jiujitsu was not only a hobby, and decided to move on to the next level.

The training at the early time was very harsh and competitive, but Brad never gave up and constantly stayed on top of his game. It was then he built up a strong friendship with Makoto Aramaki as a teammate and as well as a good friend in private.

Brad was also known for his multi-lingal talent. He is fluent and able to teach in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

On Top of that, after long years of living in Japan. He is also very familiar with Japanese culture and history as well. Brad has trained in various academies in many different countries and has made his bjj connections all over the world. After spending 7 months training and studying in Brazil, he has competed in the World Championship 2010 held in Long Beach California, as well as in Brazil and received 3rd Place at the Estadual Rio Cup.
He is truly one of the pioneers of jiujitsu in Hong Kong. From Aug 01, 2010, Brad returned to his hometown Hong Kong and joined us an instructor at HKJJ.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brad,

Congratulations! Good luck and more power to you. See you at the Asians.