In place of Moura BJJ comes Impact MMA. 

IMPACT MMA is a new gym in Singapore which is affiliated with Checkmat. Prof Leke from Checkmat is the head instructor at IMPACT MMA.


Anonymous said...

Impact MMA webpage does not have much info...unlike other schools, they lack detail profile of their head instructor (belt, lineage, competition experiences, any titles won, etc etc), plus any assistant instructors info. Sounds like another Moura BJJ...

Terence Tan said...
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Terence T said...


This is Prof Leke.

Btw what luke means is that Moura bjj is removed from the links and added IMPACT MMA in place of it.

Hope this clears some air.

Poppy said...

I think their website is not updated, it says opening in June...

But I assume they are running now. I found a lot of info on their Facebook page. They are affiliated to Checkmat, Brazil. Checkmat is a big name in BJJ now, so should be quite good...

I'll go for a trial and check it out...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all.
I will probably go have a look at Impact.
Hopefully their prices remain competitve and not as unreasonably high and unaffordable as Evolve.

Anonymous said...

Here comes the smack talking again. To the person in the first comment, Impact MMA's BJJ program is headed by Prof Alexsandro 'Leke' Machado, a black belt under Ricardo Vieira. Perhaps you would like to call/email Ricardo to verify his lineage as well?

LUKE said...

If a proper tournament in Singapore was produced, would all the SG academies agree to support and participate in it?


Kwang said...

Hi guys,

I am Kwang from Impact MMA. Look, no smack talking. I respect all gyms. We are all different and we need to work together to grow BJJ/MMA as a sport in Singapore.

The Vieira brothers, Ricardo Vieira and Leo Vieira, are the founders of Checkmat and are huge names in BJJ.

Luke, yes absolutely, the Singapore schools should get together to build the sport of BJJ. I'm happy to support the tourney.

We have a free trial programme, so if anyone is interested come on by.

Sorry about our website, our designer is a little bit held up right now! It will be done soon! For now, I'll post info on FB often. I don't check this site a lot, so you guys can email me if you need any info. enquiries@impactmma.com.sg



Come again ? said...

if a proper tournament is held in singapore, ill be the first one to register for it =p

Come again ? said...
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LUKE said...

I would love to see a collaborative effort of the SG community to produce one of the best tournaments in SEA.

If people came together, putting politics aside, I would do all I could to help promote it to be as big as possible.

It's not an easy task but if you go into it with the benefit of the community in mind, it can do great things for everyone.

Make this a win win situation.


Anonymous said...

Hi all...

No smack talking here. To be honest, i am serious about taking a look at Impact. Their training prices seem reasonable based on the website plus with a black belt as head instructor. Definitely worth considering. Unlike Evolve, Impact seems honest in providing reasonable training at reasonable prices to support the growth of bjj in singapore.

If you notice, do you realise that there are very few black belts instructing in Singapore unlike gyms in Malaysia, Philippines, HK, Shanghai and Beijing?

I think instead of putting one another down, let's work together to grow the sport of bjj in singapore so as to attract more black belts to come and teach on our island (make Singapore their first choice) instead of going elsewhere. At the end of the day, its we who lose out. Too much politics kill the sport.

I am happy to support having a bjj tournament in Singapore. We can invite participants from Asia or SEAsia to come participant. I can help to organise if need be and of course, participate to lend support to make the Singapore competition a huge one.

Let's us come together as one instead of smacking one another.

I am currently working and residing in Sydney but will be home in Nov for a break...hopefully i can roll in Impact, to train, to learn and to meet the friendly people there!

Kwang said...

I think Luke and the last poster have the right attitude. I refused to be drawn into gym bashing. The gym's are open to all. There are gyms with different prices, different facilities, different locations. They all meet different needs of different students.

At the end of the day, working together to build the sport is good for everyone.

I noticed the lack of black belts in Singapore which is why I went to great lengths to secure an affiliation with one of the top Academies in BJJ.

We welcome all. I have no problems with my students attending seminars or even classes at other gyms. I've also been in touch with Kreation JJ to try to work together. They're great guys too.

(to the last poster), hey drop me an email and we can keep in touch. You are most welcome to come roll with us. We have a warm and friendly culture in our gym...But we train hard! I'm sure you'll have fun!

Luke, yeah, I'll drop you an email too, to discuss how to go about the tournament idea. We're only less than 3 months old, so we're kinda busy just tidying up teething issues and all right now, but I'm certainly keen.

Here's to BJJ in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kwang

I have flicked you an email. Keep in touch and looking forward to visiting Impact in Nov! I reckon it will be fun rolling with you guys...hear from you.

Integrity said...

The Anonymous poster talking to Kwang, did you refer to EVOLVE as dishonest?

What proof do you have to back that up? That, sir, is a libellous statement. I will inform the management of this. It will be up to them to pursue the matter with you once you arrive in Singapore next month.