Just got back this morning from my two-week trip and I am exhausted. I had a great time and had some awesome food. Enough so that I didn't feel so bad towards the end when I had to to cut out the fun stuff to save my foot. Managed things so that my trip was gout-free!

Anyways, excited to be home and ready to get back into the training routine. I watched so many tournament vids that my dreams are of me in at the Mundials, Brazil circa 1994. 

I am wrapping up some details this week regarding all competitors for the ASIA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tokyo, JP (Budokan). This is to you, TEAM SEABJJ!!! Please be sure to get on board with the facebook group so that I and event-leader Warren Wang can get a tally of all competitors from Southeast Asia. Also, only for those competing I will need your t-shirt size so that I can send the appropriate number of shirts to Tokyo and of course I need your team mailing address to send patches! Don't miss out on free stuff as this is what I'm doing to help support you, the team. This is our first go so don't make it suck for me and have to do everything the eve of the event cause that won't work, haha.


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