A first time for the blog but thought I'd give it a try. I was sent this video of the recent Martial Combat 5 event by someone who has no affiliation with MC, asking to post on the blog for public debate. The author of the e-mail feels public opinion may differ from the final decision and would like confirmation by objective viewers.

I would like to add that I had some reservations on doing this. There is no motion to overturn the decision and by posting I am not making any statement against Martial Combat or its judging. Everyone is free to post comments but I ask that you keep it civil and relevant. -Luke

Pham vs Jiang - Martial Combat 5 from Greaseman on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

1st & 2nd Round - Black shorts.

3rd Round - White shorts

Anonymous said...

I think the Chinese fighter won. Very low level fight. You never want to leave it in the judges hands but I agree with their decision.

Anonymous said...

first 2 rounds = black shorts, 3rd round = white shorts. from the looks of it, the guy in white didn't come to fight.

Anonymous said...

didnt look like black shorts did anything to deserve the win but based on a 10 point must system, I think he did a lil better than white shorts the first 2 rounds... white shorts should have won overall.. too bad on the system.

Anonymous said...

black shorts won the first 2 rounds by 10-9. white shorts won 3rd round 10-9. decision was fair.