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Stephen Kamphuis takes gold in the Senior-4 Absolute division this past weekend in Rio de Janeiro! Big congrats to one of the leaders of BJJ in Southeast Asia. Prof Kamphuis has made significant contributions to quality of reffing and importance of knowing the rules! Hopefully as we see the number of purple and brown-belts grow in SEA, so will the number of qualified refs taking part in making their local tournaments in line the standards of competition and the promotion of BJJ. Congrats Prof Kamphuis!

from Prof Kamphuis:
I won the Black Belt senior four Black Belt Absolute this year to add to the senior Three Black Belt Absolute and Senior Two Brown Belt Absolute. I started BJJ when I was in Senior two.

Have been undefeated in my division for 5 years and have won it 6 times. In 2008 year I came second.

Had three fights, two won by submsiion the other by points.


Anonymous said...

I started BJJ in my very early 40's. So I have a special interest in and get extra motivation when reading about how much can be achieved with enough dedication - despite starting at a "senior" age.
For me personally also thinking about "Geeza" as inspiration, because of the similar age with me. Difference is I can't put forward that much dedication :-)
Any stories about "late starters" in BJJ ?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Coach Stephen Kamphuis! From Kamphuis-Fabricio Jiu-Jitsu Davao (Hamir)

Anonymous said...

Great Job!