We have a new addition to the SEABJJ community with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Philippines under head instructor, John Acosta. BJJ-ASIA would like to welcome Prof Acosta as he makes his new home in Cebu. -Luke

(l to r) John Acosta & Prof Fabio Santos

John Acosta is a Black Belt and Official Representative of Professor Fabio Santos.  His teaching style and attention to detail reflects the years of experience spent as an Assistant Instructor at Fabio's Academy.  He is the only Black Belt teaching in Cebu and has put a focus on the Self Defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu.  John believes that the Sport or Tournament style should only be taught after students have perfected the foundation required to protect themselves.


Thai Boxing said...

Awesome. I might stop in for a workout the next time I have to do a visa run from Thailand.. Planning on going to the Philippines for the next one.

jio said...
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GracieFan said...

Training has already started!yaaaaaah!

Jem Samala said...

Sir John Acosta, do you have any affiliates here in manila or do you have any plans of teaching here? i would really love to train under your tutelage because i want to learn the self-defense aspect of Gracie jiu jitsu. the only problem is the distance of our locations. the schools here in manila focuses more sports jiu jitsu and that is what i've been learning for the past year but i want to learn the self defense more. i would really like to get in touch with you. this is my e-mail ad.: bilbs_7@yahoo.com.
thank you very much!