So after posting about 'getting older' I took some heat yesterday from Team Geriatric at training. All in good fun but I hope people don't misunderstand my intentions here. I am not the voice of the 35+ white/blue/purple/brown/black-belt having to put up with teens and their super-human strength/cardio. Neither am I the voice of the metal-hip-replacement and reconstructed shoulder gang.

What I'd like to do is reflect on what's inspiring me to be better and healthier. I hope everyone out there has something that inspires them to be better and healthier for themselves and the people they're close to. 


Below are a few figures that I look to emulate as I aim to have jiu-jitsu be a strong part of my life today and well into the future. 

Fabio Santos (Paragon JJ, red/black-belt under Relson Gracie) 
54 years old

Wellington 'Megaton' Diaz (Gracie Humaita) 
43 years old

Steve Maxwell (S/C Coach & first American black-belt under Relson Gracie) 
57 years old

Alvaro Romano (creater of Ginastica Natural)


Anonymous said...

I'm inspired by my grandfather. He is 92 yrs old, completely aware and coherent, independent and content. He has never had any heart sickness nor any need for surgery etc. His secret? According to him, going to synagogue every morning, and a shot of whiskey after prayers! I may have to start with the whiskey.:-)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion age is just a number.
Look at grandmaster helio, he was still training ans instructing at age 92 until the day he passed on.

Its all in the mind. Remember the 3Ds...Dedication, Determination and Discipline.

LUKE said...

Master Helio followed a strict diet created/developed by Master Carlos Sr., avoiding all the modern day food pitfalls. I'm sure good genes comes into play as well.

Healthy diet, exercise, positive thinking and family/friends that care.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the shot of whiskey every morning!