One of the joys of traveling is tasting all new varieties of food. Indulging yourself cause you're visiting a new place and you just don't get chances like this all too often. In my line of work, I travel quite a bit so one of my concerns is how do I maintain my healthy diet while on the road. In some places it's not a problem because fresh foods are readily available but in others, a heavy 'caesar salad' is about as fresh as you get.

I recently started pre-ordering the vegetarian meals on long flights to and from the US or Europe which has been surprisingly tasty or I'd say tastier than the standard meals. I think most would enjoy these regardless if you're a vegetarian or not. So it's nice to know there are growing options.

One of the things I've considered is traveling with some snacks/foods that I can eat when my choices are nill to tide myself over till I can find something healthier. Items like nuts or dried fruits could be an option but how much do I want to carry around with me? But sometimes I really have no choice in the matter. Working at trade shows you're not always given the best options and you really can't be more than a few steps away from your workspace. At these events I am often stuck with the same cutlet-sandwich or roasted-pepper-sandwich for lunch. It ain't bad but it's not all that appetizing the 5th day in a row. I end up stuffing myself at breakfast with plenty of fruit and muesili but that only gets me so far. 

I have a few business trips left in the year and have some time to think about how I will handle each one. Open to hear what other experience or do we all just pig-out cause we're not home and we're allowed indulgences now and then.



Anonymous said...

I actually avoid airplane food as it is usually packed with sodium and preservatives and always too oily. I try to keep a bag of unsalted almonds with me. Also, i keep granola bars. You can usually buy them in most countries too, so i if you run out they are easily available. Durning busy days, I try to have one at 10ish and one at 3ish. I also try very hard (although sometimes it is impossible) to avoid late meals. Anything after 7 is late. I also try to eat as much fish as possible. I also try avoid bread, bacon, pancakes and all the other goodies available at the hotel breakfast. Instead, i eat lots of bran (tastes like crap but very healthy). Most important, i try to lay off the alcohol! When i take a break from alcohol, i usually drop 3kg within less than 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Pack your own stuff that you can take with you. Use protein powders, nuts, dried fruit. Stay away from the processed carbs on those meals suc. since you are sitting around on your flight you don't need all those carbs.

Drink only water and stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol. If you want your body to perform optimally, you have to fuel it right and not junk. What you put in is what you get out.

Anonymous said...

I concur about sugary drinks (soda pop) and alcohol.

The rest is up to you. Now that you have made this an area of concern you will find solutions that are appropriate to you.

Implementing those solutions is the tougher part of the equation.

Good luck!

LUKE said...

I've been reading up on forums concerning energy bars like 'clif bar' but several have made the move to making their own from public recipes. I would def feel better knowing exactly what goes in these things but it's also sparked thought about how late I'm eating since I often don't get home from evening training till close to 10pm. Or, what do I eat before training when getting quite hungry at around 4-5pm?

These and other healthy snacks can be a helpful substitute but am concerned whether these can be eaten on a daily basis or as often as one is training in each day.

I used to eat power bars back in my swimming days but wouldn't think to eat these on a regular basis if I wasn't already burning a lot from competition.

The pre-flight drink or drinking was definitely a practice of mine. The problem I found later is that while it helped me to sleep immediately upon take off, on the occasion I got woken up mid-flight, it was extremely difficult to go back to sleep. Combo drunk/dehydrated.

Bad food these days is just too convenient and readily available no matter where you travel in the world. It's going to take some real planning on my part to make this next trip a healthier one.