This one isn't so much an article but just a note in how I've shifted my view of what I consider to be active. Having moved from New York, I realized I had taken for granted all the walking I did in the city. If the weather allowed it, I would often opt to walk than take the subway which added 20 minutes to my commute but in the end I felt better for it. These days living in Bangkok walking around doesn't seem to be a viable option unless you; 1. don't mind the exhaust from cars as your source of air, 2. always carry with you a change of clothes, 3. enjoy sweating within 2 minutes of stepping outside your apartment. 

So in place of walking to and from work which these days would take me several hours... I've decided to take up more activities with the family as jiu-jitsu training is often labeled the culprit for not spending more time with my little boy. Some of these include visiting the park, bike riding, taking up golf lessons, swimming, yoga, bringing my boy to the academy to just hang out or walking along our street early in the morning. This is done without taking away from my regular training routine and duties at the academy. These days I have less time in the evening and have to do more in the morning but I have a 13kg alarm clock that has no problems waking me up at 5:30-6am everyday.

So after a full weekend of all these activities, I'm feeling pretty sore but in the best way possible. I feel less pressure to jam pack my training into short spurts but know that I can do something each day. This helps keep my stress level down from offic work and I can be a more mindful about each jiu-jitsu class.



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LUKE said...

Do you have those counters that records how many steps you take?

Drewyoo said...

Hi Luke, I'm glad your keepin active..keep it up!