Traveling again with some family events mixed in there so it's crazy busy to say the least. Again on the road flying to the East Coast from California but not without some drama. Been suffering from gout the past several days. Right from leaving Asia, my left foot swells and sharp stabbing pain running up my foot to knee. Meds are helping out and today is the first day where I can bend my toes.

A bit shocked thinking I'm a bit young to be suffering from gout but another sign to make more healthy changes. I'll survive, just sucks.

On other news. Want to congratulate all the SEABJJ competitors at the Mundials this past weekend. Wish I could have been there... Some day.


Anonymous said...

i hear you bro. I'm currently going through the same problem with my right foot atm. It's already been 2 weeks without training and it's annoying the hell out of me. Anyway, im also young like you and i've been having this dreaded thing for quite a while, just keep taking your meds and stay out of the nasty stuff. It really sucks I cant even take my protein supplements. All the best!

LUKE said...


making changes to my diet and have been for the past couple of months prior to this happening so it was surprising to say the least.