Alex recently contacted me about this space in India hoping to get in touch with those in India looking to train or perhaps teach jiu-jitsu. -Luke 

 "I started training BJJ by the end of 2008 in Hong Kong. I learned the basics from Taki at Kowloon JJ. For over a half a year, I then trained at HKJJ with Makoto Aramaki. With his help, I went to Japan and train with Wado-san of Academia AZ and participated in the Rickson Cup in Hamamatsu. I moved back to Germany and trained a couple of months with Andrej Rogoschin at Hutton BJJ, Munich. As far as I now, Andrej is the only Brazilian Black Belt in Germany now...For half a year I've been based in Bangalore India. Since there is no BJJ school here,I asked neighbors and people from the street whether they want to train with me on the rooftop.... I was very lucky and found an Indian gentleman, who is really interested in learning BJJ and he showed me a nice gym with proper mats! I've been showing him the basics as best as I can, but since I am still a white-belt we could really use some professionell support here in India. When our club has more members we will invite purple belts and above to put on seminars here."

-Alex Miller 


Ben W. said...

Hey, good luck with your club, I know how hard it can be (see Shanghai story). Just stick with it and keep training.

For the record, there are about 12 blackbelts in Germany now that are German nationals. Plus another handful of Brazilians (like Andrej) floating around.

The first German to receive his BB was M. Haselein in 2004. There was a big jump this year, with 5 new German BBs. 2 under Joe Moreira and 3 of our Alliance guys got theirs directly from Fabio Gurgel after this year's European Championship.

All the best


Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Oh! I really did not know that there are so many BBs in Germany now. That's nice to see!

Thanks for wishing me good luck Ben, I will need it...

Cheers from India,


Pedro Schmall said...

Alex good luck over there in Bangalore! I gave a seminar for Indians MMA fighters in Mumbai last week of April. They are going to fight MMA in Singapore soon. If I know about you and your group we could figure out something, maybe next time. By the way you should get in touch with them, they have a link here in bjj-asia.com. Positive Vibration,

Akshay said...

Dear Alex,
I was ecstatic, to say the least, when I learnt about your club.
A friend of mine and I have been frantically searching for some sort of BJJ club in Bangalore.
We're probably below amateur level and anything that you will be able to teach us is invaluable.
Please reply with a contact number and the exact location of your gym so we can meet.

- Akshay

Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Dear Pedro,

that would be really awesome to welcome you here in Bangalore!
I hope we can figure out something;-)
Right now, we are only a hand full of people...But I think this will change.
Please drop me a message when you are planning to come to India next time. Thank you Pedro, we keep in touch,


Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu

Vinc Gym address: #125, 2nd floor, Sharada Complex, Maruthiseva Nagar Bus Stop, Banaswadi Main Road,
Mobile: 9742508821

Kunga said...

Any chance of relocating ur gym/dojo? Banaswadi is too far.

Wyman said...

Is this club still around? I'm visiting Bangalore for the month of Feb. and have been training BJJ for 4 years. I'm going to go nuts if I don't have anywhere to train!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too am here in Bangalore. Is this still meeting? I train in the US.

Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Hi all, the guys are still training. Please contact my buddy Rama.check out icsa.in
Indian combat sports academy. Have fun!

Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Hi all, the guys are still training. Please contact my buddy Rama.check out icsa.in
Indian combat sports academy. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I'd just like to say that there is another place in Bangalore, India where it is possible to train bjj. I represent the Institute of Jiu-Jitsu Bangalore. I'm a blue belt under Luiz "Manxinha" Ribeiro of London Fight Factory. We also have two other blue belts alongside me. We train both Gi and Nogi and we are purely a bjj gym; we do sport bjj and also train gracie self-defense. Do check us out.