This is something that has been on the minds of several teams within the community and it's now that I'd like to present it to you, as an open invitation. More and more teams are venturing out to the larger tournaments held in Japan, US and Brazil. More often than not, these teams are small but all have put in the time on the mats and arrive prepared and ready to fight.

This would be an opportunity to compete under a unified banner of SEABJJ and gain the support of a larger group of competitors at these events. Sometimes its the support/network at these overseas events that can make the difference and make it lot more fun. THIS IS A NON-POLITICAL ORGANIZATION and is formed with the main purpose of promoting SEA schools and support for each other while at overseas events. Doing so continues to build the friendships that we've already established. Each team can still have their own schools/country recognition. ie.  SEABJJ Bangkok, SEABJJ Kowloon, SEABJJ Taiwan when signing up. Let's improve our chances of getting to that podium and having the SEABJJ community recognized at these events!

This invitation is open to all established academies and clubs within Southeast Asia and is free, provided you do the following:

*Register personal information & team information to BJJASIA so that you can be added to the team roster. (name, birth-date, e-mail, belt-rank, weight division, local academy/club) Send all info to LUKE@BJJ-ASIA.COM with subject 'SEABJJ TEAM'.

-This information will be posted online relative to the events the competitor(s) is involved in.
-This information will be updated for each tournament as participating members may change.

*Must register under 'SEABJJ team' 

Once this information is collected and confirmed, an elected contact person will be made for each major tournament along with an event-specific mailing list. This way all participating members will have up-to-date info on location, directions and times.

The following are the benefits of joining the SEABJJ team.
*larger support group at tournaments for matches/time-keeping/coaching/etc

*included on mailing list for specific events

*share information with those that have past experiences with events + information regarding hotel, transportation and food

*discount on SEABJJ related gear and free promos on selected items


Asian Championships (September 11-12)
*Tokyo, JP (Budokan)


LUKE said...

Want to thank everyone that's written in with interest in joining the competition team.

I understand this may not work for everyone, regardless if they support the idea or not due to their affiliations with larger schools and their responsibilities to them.

The main point is not to create an political rift but to support each other when overseas and help promote all schools in SEA.

Even if you can't take part and register under SEABJJ Team, I encourage you to wear an SEABJJ patch to show your connection to the community and get people aware that we've got a great scene that is growing year by year.


warren said...

awesome. taiwan bjj is on board.

Anonymous said...

where are SEABJJ patches available?

LUKE said...

Stock is mostly with me here in Bangkok but there are some with KLNBJJ in Hong Kong.

I will arrange to send in bulk to teams that register with the SEABJJ team.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,

How can we get the SEABJJ gear in Singapore?