This photo was taken by one of my BJJ students here in Bangkok from his apartment.

Today has been an extremely long and stressful one. While I may not have been on the frontline of the action here in Bangkok, I kept to my apartment with my family checking on each incident and report via twitter/TV/and firsthand accounts from friends here in the city. From my apartment I could hear gunshots and explosions in the distance. From the reports of the media we got the count of those deceased and those injured. And now the city rests amidst a curfew as the military again sweeps the city for remaining protesters.

Today we witnessed death, injury, arson, theft and vandalism...

Whichever side we sit on I hope we can all reflect on what's really happened here. For whatever has been sacrificed and taken from us, we have only ourselves to be responsible for. What we do from here on out can and will determine the outcome. There is real hurt out there and we can all take responsibility for it by opening ourselves to understanding, patience and cooperation.

I pray that the city doesn't succumb to hate and anger.

We remain safe, we remain hopeful.

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LUKE said...

For those who are not familiar with the political situation here in Thailand and what has built to this violent outcome, read this: