The 2010 Thailand Open will take place on October 23-24 here in Bangkok, TH. More info to come as we are looking to make this one better than the last.


Anonymous said...

I suggest a code of conduct for coaches be implemented after some of the heated exchanges last year


LUKE said...

We are working with a new event space which will allow us to fully barricade the mat space, keeping anyone from entering that is not an official or competitor.

Everyone comes with the will to win and we all want our guys to succeed. Just keep things positive and all should be fine.


Anonymous said...

Choose one set of internationally recognized rules, e.g. IBJJF or CBJJE, and stick to them to the 't'. Send these to each competing team before the comp, tell them it is their responsibility to be familiar with them before the event. And also post them out in the open at the event venue. That way there will be no excuses for 'rule' confusion. I've just seen to many unnecessary flare ups occur of rule ambiguity amongst competitors, coaches, and even referees in the past. Just my .o2.

P.S. big respect to you guys for volunteering to organize this. It ain't easy that's for sure haha.

Pedro Schmall said...

I sugest after the tournament everybody could hang out at Lake Taco and enjoy wake board session on cable... It is one of my favorite places in BKK

Pedro Schmall said...

suggest...lol Brazinglish