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Here in Thailand it's typically a time of celebration as this week is Songkhran, the Thai New Year. Famous for it's city-wide water fights and good fun, this year has revealed a different side. With political protest and escalating violence it's difficult to celebrate knowing people have lost lives with many more injured. Regardless of anyone's political affiliation, I share my condolences to those who have lost family members/loved ones this past weekend in Bangkok. There is no win as I'm sure both sides will suffer equal losses and will only prolong the recovery for the Thai economy and tourism industry here. 

And while on a much smaller scale, I think about the kind of negativity that can often invade our lives on a daily basis. From the stresses we endure at work to the variety of people that bring us pain and joy. It's part of the process and it's how we prevail, it's how we prevent these negative aspects from taking away at the core of who we are. The core, which I believe to be good. 

Up until the birth of my son I believed myself to be invincible. Not superman invincible but I had very little mind about my own mortality. And because of this I probably made a lot of not-so-great choices as a much younger man that put me in harms way. Now of course I'm far from practicing any life-endangering behavior but I can see how the little negative things in life can also eat at you and put you at risk. So with this new found awareness of my mortality, I realize there isn't much time to spend on negativity. We need to celebrate our lives and the people we care/love. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the things in my life that I believe help me do just that. Each class, each open-mat I get to celebrate a part of my life that bring myself and others joy in a positive way. This blog and the academy I co-manage in Bangkok are all places to promote that positivity and help connect like-minded people.

I see a lot of anger on the streets here and pray for peaceful resolve. But it's not just wishful thinking as it all starts with ourselves and the world we create and cultivate around us. 

Be safe...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Luke.

I hope you guys are fine and not in any trouble! I've been following the violent protests in the news and it's just so sad. We've had our share of that in our country, and it's never a good feeling. Hope things will get settled soon.