About middway through my trip now and will be returning to Bangkok by the end of this weekend. Things have been a bit better on the training-while-traveling as I've gotten two nights in at GRACIE BARRA BELLEVUE. Would like to thank all the guys there for making me feel welcome, hard-training and sharing with me. And to Prof Henryque Pofahl for leading an exhausting but fun class both nights in. This time around I'm on the road with my all-rip-stop gi which has gotten some attention when rolling. Check out Kauai Kimonos. Hope to make it to more sessions this week if work permits but will def return the next time I'm in town for gi training.

Big reminder for this weekend. NEVERTAP ASIA is taking place on the 27th along with the Phil Baroni seminar the 26th. All at TIGER MUAY THAI in Phuket, Thailand. 

And for the MMA fans in Taiwan, there's TOUGH-MMA also taking place on the 27th. Don't miss it and send me pics if you go!

That's it for me but will be back soon posting more regularly. Surprisingly I've been on my feet more than in front of the computer this trip. For all the competitors, best of luck and be safe.


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