PRO MMA 3- 4th fight (68kg 150lbs)
Per Eklund (Legacy Gym, Thailand)
Joe Taimanglo (Spike 22 Academy, Guam)
Luxy Nightclub Taipei, Taiwan. Feb 7th. 2010

courtesy of Narouque


Anonymous said...

Cool to see UFC vet Per Eklund fighting in Taiwan...tough fight for a local boy!!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the UFC version

Ray Elbe said...

I wouldn't say that---Juggernaut is legit.

He fought Toshiaki Kitada in DEEP Japan--and is one of the top Guam fighters competing in the PXC.

This fight was two top guys fighting each other---if this fight was in the states both of these guys would have pocketed 2-3,000 USD just to show up and the winner would have taken home 4-6,000.

Impressive matchmaking...this should have been the main event.

Anonymous said...

No- really. It was a different per Eklund- apparently its a really common name.

mint_car said...

...Just talked to Ole--

Yeah--he said it wasn't the UFC vet.

Actually "This Per Erklund" only had 2 amateur Muay Thai fights...and was making his MMA debut. Prolly wasn't as good of a matchmaking job as I first wrote.

Toby said...

yeah this fight was right after mine, and Joe steamrolled this guy, transitioned right into the anaconda choke like it was a walk in the park. man i really want to see the video of my fight (Toby Holland vs Jonas Bratt). I won by KO in less than a minute and truthfully I don't even remember what really happened!