Today I had the great pleasure of participating in the Hait BJJ benefit seminar at Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose, CA. The seminar was organized by Alan 'Gumby' Marques and Sergio Silva, hosting a heavy roster of NorCal black-belts. From 11am to 5:30pm it was a jiu-jitsu marathon of techniques and celebration of the sport. A number of the black-belts commented throughout the day how special an event like this one is since it brought so many teams that wouldn't otherwise train together, under one roof. I'm sure this was especially sweet for those that know what it was like 10+ years ago when this was unthinkable. So it's very comforting to know that with each generation we get closer to doing away with the politics and celebrate the art and sport we all love.

I leave for Asia tomorrow so I couldn't imagine of what better way to spend the day than like this. Want to thank all the black-belts that volunteered their time and generosity. And of course to our hosts Gumby and Sergio. Everyone who made it should be very proud to be involved in such an event. I know we have the same opportunities to spread this kind of positivity in the SEABJJ community.

The seminar raised $4,200. All of which goes to Red Cross for Haiti Relief.

Check out my pics on Flikr: HERE

Mike Swain (center) & Gumby (right)

Prof Sergio Silva (black/white gi)

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Man you haven't been home in forever...you must miss BKK. I know I miss it -