I start 2010 as a newly promoted purple-belt which to me is a fantastic way to start the new year. I know it's not a gift but something that was earned but when traveling and visiting academies abroad, I definitely walk in more alert to what lies ahead. I know being a visitor or 'new guy' is no cake-walk and people will definitely push you when it comes time to roll. It's all part of the game and I always find this part the most exciting. For one, I get to see what aspects of my game work well since people aren't familiar with me and I see what doesn't. While I may be the 'heavy guy' at home, I'm one of many when training in the US, haha. So I take note of the guys that notice of me when I walk onto the mat for warm-ups and then take a guess at who'll ask me to roll first.

While this trip hasn't been as training heavy as I would have hoped, I definitely feel confident about what I can impose when it comes time to roll. Not to say that I've been killing everyone but it's nice to see that I can hang or take the opportunity to play my game. Everyone has been really cool and 2010 looks to present new challenges for sure.

I'm not big on 'new year resolutions' but with the promotion it's by coincidence that am looking to change things up. I've spent the better part of 2009 teaching the morning sessions at Bangkok BJJ which has helped me tremendously in strengthening my fundamentals. It's time for me to put in some serious time as a student and refine what I know and put it into action. I realize now it's as much what I do on the mat as what I do off of it. So ultimately I continue in my pursuit of being a better and healthier person. I ain't perfect but I am working on it.

I hope everyone out there is doing well and have had enough time to recover from the holidays. Catching up with a number of friends, they all happen to be doing detoxes in reaction to the eating/partying of the last month or so. I think it's a touch extreme but I like the energy.

Also, just wanted to wish everyone who's competing this weekend in Manila at the 2010 Philippine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi and No Gi International the best of luck.



Jason said...

Do you find that visiting other school regularly has given you more intense work outs and training? I heard from a black belt friend of mine that every time he visits a new place he has never been before they try to beat him down.

Eric said...

I've had that experience as well. I suppose it's the mentality of not looking like a "bitch" in front of your home town crowd.

So OP, being that you've trained overseas and in the US. How do the guys overseas compare to the guys state side? Notice any difference in the game, or techniques?

LUKE said...

Do you find that visiting other school regularly has given you more intense work outs and training?

answer: As far as intensity, no I don't there there is a significant difference cause Prof Kayoom's warm-ups are brutal. There are still a group of guys here in Bangkok that keep me humble but if there's any difference, cause of the number of people training at overseas schools may be larger, there are just more guys of that level to compete with.

Yes, as a visitor you are a target and it's best to know that before going in.

'looking like a bitch'
I've been given stripes for beating up tough visitors in the past so yes, there is a 'don't look like a bitch' policy at a lot of gyms.

I think we're all the same. Perhaps the selection pool is larger cause other areas have had jits for 10+ years but each generation benefits from the previous one whether they realize it or not. When I first got to Bangkok we were all white-belts. It's now that I'm a purple that the white-belts of today in Thailand are benefiting from that. Perhaps when they get to purple-belt level, they will be much better than me relative to the time spent training.

SEABJJ does not produce punks. I think on the whole we're doing just fine and it's just a matter of time.

Jem said...

come home! We miss you!!
(and the warm-ups are still brutal!)