This is the longest I've been away from Asia since moving in 2006 and training has been sparse this time around cause of work. So while my body may be off the mats, my mind has kept strong with vids and plenty of daydreaming, haha. I was fortunate enough to check out the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Santa Cruz, CA this past week. Thanks to friends at Kaijin MMA, I got to sit mat-side and take a ton of pics which I'm sifting through now. The gold medalist to each division will go to Abu Dhabi for the finals later this year, all expenses paid. White & blue-belts are combined while purple, brown & black-belts are combined. There were some definite upsets but overall a fantastically smooth tournament lead by Claudio Franca who is also responsible for the US Open. Besides the matches, it was exciting to see a number of faces that I recognized from the blogs and DVDs, making some new friends here and there. 

I'm still a couple of weeks out before returning to Asia but am doing what I can to keep in touch with everyone. Be sure to check out the calendar and let me know if there's any missing events. 

Once I get my photos in order I will be writing a post on all the spots I've trained at over the past month+ here in the US. 


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