(27) Dave Menne seminar (TH)
*info: HERE  

(30) Kyle Kingsbury seminar (TH)
*info: HERE 

(7) PRO Fighting 3- "Destiny vs. Demons"
*info: HERE  

(13) Nicolas Gregoriades Seminar (TH)  

(27-28) Nakamura K Taro Seminar (CH)
*info: HERE 

(6-7) 2010 Philippine Gi & No Gi Nationals
*info: to be confirmed

(21) World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Cup (JP)
*info: JJFJ.ORG 

(21) Japan Open (JP)
*info: JJFJ.ORG 

(26) Juliano Prado seminar (TH)

(27) Nevertap Asia Tournament (TH)

(8) Marianas Open (Guam)
*info: groundzerotumon@hotmail.com  

(15-16) 2010 Pan Asian BJJ & No-Gi International
*info: HERE

(22) Naksu Tournament (TH)
*info: TBA

(11-12) Asian Open (JP)
*info: TBA

(20) Indonesian Submission Championships


Anonymous said...

Luke, here's another event. actually two events on the same day.




Ray said...

Nicolas Gregoriades will be doing a seminar at TMT aafter his date in Bangkok--specific date TBD.

akqjterrence said...

Any info on the Nevertap Asia tournament? Their website hasn't been updated in a while, it seems.

LUKE said...

Thanks guys. Will update the calendar.


Tiger Muay Thai said...

Nevertap website will be updated this weekend...just been super busy with seminars and training...we'll get on it ASAP..promise.

Anonymous said...

ups sorry delete plz [url=http://duhum.com].[/url]

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to have the JJFJ pages show up in English?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to have the JJFJ pages show up in English?

LUKE said...

In the upper right hand corner, there is an option for English:


LUKE said...

As for the events, I will check to see if I can link them to an English version. -Luke

LUKE said...

OK, I've adjusted the links to the JJFJ.org and it should open in the English format.

Anonymous said...

2010 Philippine Gi and No Gi Nationals

• 2010 Philippine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Nationals, Saturday March 6
• 2010 Philippine No – Gi Grappling Nationals Sunday March 7

Venue: SM Mega Mall,

Registrations and payments are due by: TUESDAY MARCH 2

Open to all Teams and Independent players.

2010 Pan Asian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu International
2010 Pan Asian No Gi International

• Pan Asian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu International, May 1
• Pan Asian No Gi International , May 2
• Registrations and payments are due by TUESDAY 27 APRIL

South East Asia largest regional competition

Venue: SM Mall of Asia

Ray said...


has more info on the event.

Poster will be designed in the next day or two.

**Website also has all the matches from last years tournament online :)